January 20, 2023
Hacks and Crime

Bitzlato Crypto Exchange Accused Of Money Laundering — Founder Arrested

Bizlato Exchange Screensaver Over Map Showing Hong Kong

The United States Justice Department and Treasury Department have accused Bitzlato Ltd., a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency platform, of money laundering and have arrested its founder, Anatoly Legkodymov, in Miami.  Bust Rather than Boom The charges and arrest come as part of a coordinated effort involving the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), French authorities, and the […]

December 24, 2022

Curve.Fi Wallet Sent $39 Million To FTX On Wednesday

FTX Tokens Enter the Curve.Fi Vortex

Recently a transaction between cryptocurrency exchanges caught the eye of market analysts. In the midst of starting bankruptcy settling – while its former CEO is currently in jail for fraud, FTX received nearly $40 million in ETH in a single day. The money was sent to the FTX wallet on Wednesday, December 22. Throughout the […]

December 17, 2022

Whales Move Massive $88-Million Off Binance in 24 Hours

Crypto Whale

The collapse of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX has severely affected the trust investors have in other cryptocurrency exchanges. The feeling caused a lot of cryptocurrency investors to “opt out” of exchanges, and decide to store their cryptocurrency assets in their own wallets. Obviously, this has caused a massive outflow of assets from exchange platforms. Even […]