October 14, 2022
News, Shiba Inu

Google Paves The Way For Cryptocurrency Payment in Big Tech – Now Accepting Doge, Shiba, and Apecoin

The High-tech Powerhouse Google is really proving to be at the forefront of cryptocurrency adoption. The company – which recently partnered with Coinbase in order to adopt cryptocurrency payments for its cloud services – is now paving the way for cryptocurrencies that usually don’t see as much real-life utility as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Despite initially […]

October 12, 2022

Google Sides With Coinbase In Order To Implement Crypto Payment on Cloud Services

The American multinational company and tech powerhouse recently announced that it will start taking cryptocurrencies as payment services for its cloud services at the begging of 2023. Google stated on Tuesday that it has reached an agreement with Coinbase, the largest currency exchange firm in the United States, to enable the usage of an entirely […]

September 15, 2022

Google Cloud Announces BNB Chain Partnership to Deliver Web 3 Startup Infrastructure

To hasten the growth of web 3 businesses, Google Cloud and BNB Chain have joined together in a brand new partnership Now that Google Cloud infrastructure is available, BNB chain developers may use it to grow their Dapps and have access to various types of technical assistance. BNB Chain will now permit quick access to […]