October 25, 2022
Ethereum, News

CFTC Chair Claims Ethereum as Commodity, Not Security

The late half of 2022 has been marked by a dispute regarding the categorization of cryptocurrencies as whether security or commodity. This debate gained traction after Ethereum’s transition to a “proof-of-stake” consensus mechanism. According to the SEC, the new “staking” consensus opens up talks for classifying the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization in the […]

October 13, 2022
Ethereum, News

ETHW Miner Chandler Guo: “The Mistake is That They Abandoned PoW”

Ever since Ethereum – the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization in the world – moved its consensus mechanism to “Proof-of-Stake”, the Ethereum community has seen drastic changes in its ecosystem. The event, which became known as “the merge”, became the most talked about cryptocurrency occurrence of the year. Ethereum set the merge as the […]

October 11, 2022
Ethereum, News

Ethereum Supply Finally Turns Deflationary Following The Merge

The merge was without a doubt one of the biggest events to happen in the cryptocurrency sector of the last decade. On September 15th of 2022, the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization completely changed its consensus mechanism to “proof-of-stake”. That change marked the end of Ethereum cryptocurrency mining and also the transition to a […]