Binance CEO Hosting A Twitter AMA Wednesday Morning

Changpeng Zhao holding BNB Token
Changpeng Zhao holding BNB Token
Changpeng Zhao holding BNB Token

As the “FUD” attempts to take his business down a slippery slope, Binance’s CEO Changpeng Zhao welcomes the challenges.   He’s even just announced a Twitter Ask Me Anything (AMA) session for Wednesday morning, to open himself to all naysayers.

Changpeng Zho Twitter AMA Information

The live event will begin at 6:30AM (EST), December 14th.  Anyone can tune in to the event and pose questions if following @binance and @cz_binance profiles.

An early morning event for those of the Western world, it will be night time where ‘CZ’ is at — Dubai, UAE.

Stopping the FUD

The open interview session may be an attempt by the Binance founder to reaffirm the crypto exchange’s reserves and quail the current miniature bank run;  Billions of dollars are being withdrawn from the CeX due to unconfirmed speculation.

The crypto world is getting very ‘gossipy’ in 4th quarter 2022, a ripple effect from the Sam Bankman-Fried fraud case and FTX collapse.  

Ironically, Chanpeng Zhao is the exact reason the cryptocurrency world got lit ablaze. Exposing SBF in a few tweets has led to the collapse of the industry from ‘trillion’ status to just ‘billions.’  It’s also the reason governments worldwide are now moving towards regulation of cryptocurrencies in the most ‘iron handed’ ways.

Still, from the fallout there is much positive as well.  Bankman-Fried is no longer stealing people’s investments put on the FTX exchange. And while the billions lost is terrible, the hole could have been dug even deeper.

All of these topics and more will likely be discussed during the Changpeng Zhao Twitter AMA.  

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