Binance Hosts Official Meeting in Romania For 1st Time

Binance hosted an official meeting in Romania for the 1st time. This after CEO Changpeng Zhao aka ‘CZ’ announced back in September, the world’s biggest crypto-exchange would open offices in the country.  Plans for both a corporate office and customer service center were announced for Bucharest.

Economic Warfare on Eastern Europe

The move came after the world had to take notice of how important Eastern Europe is to the global markets. The war between Russia and Ukraine has affected inflation globally.   And with countries’ virtually picking sides, anti-Russian sanctions showed how fast fiat currencies can be changed by centralized exchange.

Decentralized cryptocurrency limits economic warfare, to some extent, a practice that harms millions of normal citizens globally.  And Eastern European countries that want to remain sovereign, have taken notice of crypto’s power.   Digital money could eliminate the dependency on fiat..  

Zhao spoke on these countries according to Romania-Insider and stated, “I think Eastern Europe is extremely important.”

Binance HQ & Customer Support

His commitment to that thought was made clear with his following actions.  CZ met with Romanian PM Nicolae Ciucă & minister of digitization Sebastian Burduja to create plans for launching a Binance customer support center and Headquarters in Romania.

The headquarters is expected to give Binance and its blockchain a firm rooting in Eastern Europe. This could include opening doors and-or strengthening ties to several EEU countries.  This includes but is not limited to Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Macedonia, Czech Republic, and film-famous Hungary.

Another reason the move is smart, Romania ranks 16th in all of Europe for English proficiency.   Almost all citizens of its larger towns and cities come already equipped to deal with global customers, who speak English. 

And that part of the BNB company’s theory was proven this past week.

Binance Holds 1st Ever Meet Up In Romania

At approximately 5am Saturday morning, the globally dominant blockchain company released photos from its first ever meet up with Romanians.    

It appears to be a group of nearly 200 people that showed up for the event.   In the photo there are an estimated 12 columns and rows and seats that are filled.  And the group of Romania’s crypto-enthusiasts and metaverse opportunity seekers are clearly focused on what Binance’s executive team has to say.

Binance had this to say about the event on twitter — “The event was a great opportunity to educate the local community and provide updates on next activities planned with our partners in the country.”

The presentations done at the meet up were respectfully done in the country’s native language.   Webinars at the crypt–advocatory meeting included cryptocurrency taxes in Romania and how non-fungible tokens (NFTs) work in ports. In addition to this , there were several other courses as well, not made clear in the tweet.

Job openings  in Bucharest have also been published on the official website (see here).

As Binance continues to further push its brand internationally, more educational meet-ups will be held.   Both African and South American countries have also been actively engaging in such webinar sessions in 2022, as well.  It’s highly likely even more events will take place in 2023.

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