New Meme Token Big Eyes (BIG) Raises $9.3-Million Pre-ICO Launch

Big Eyes (BIG) Meme Token

New cryptocurrency Big Eyes (BIG)  is making headlines in the digital currency news space. And by ‘making,’ this is meant in every literal sense of the word.  That marketing has put them on the radar of CCO.

According to various reports, the new meme token is roaring towards its final stage before initial coin offering (ICO).   Though it must reach at least $10-Million USDT and/or finish 15 stages of pre-sales before being offered to the public, it appears to be blasting past initial ICO goals.

However, hold the horses before investing. 

As many new meme tokens, there is a lot of news but there is no true security in the brand.  There is no visible owner.  That’s not a great sign for any token with a long-term future.

How To Buy

Not thinking long-term could make Big Eyes a good profit grab opportunity. If the ICO does happen and there is no rug pull, investors could see a nice return from the massive publicity campaign currently under way.

Currently in stage 6, the token is valued at $0.00027.  

Any investor that bought in during the Big Eyes presale during stage 1, got tokens at the price of $0.0001.    

Initial investors have seen a growth in their BIG tokens’ value by nearly 180%.  And the new Meme token professes that the gains are from over.

Where to Buy Big Eyes?

Still in its pre-sale phase however, the new cryptocurrency brand is not available on any exchanges.   

Pre-sale tokens can only be purchased through their website: BigEyes.Space

According to the official website, $9.2-Million dollars has been raised of their $10-million-dollars goal.  And to purchase, investors must trade or buy with Tether (USDT) stablecoin.

Once registered, the transaction will be processed by connecting your cold wallet to the Big Eyes on-line application, that will keep track of each user’s token holdings.

At this stage, BIG is considered a high risk token however, so beware.

Crypto-investors are making wild amounts of money these days by playing the slots on such unknown brands. However, there is risk as there’s no true way to control when you can pull your money when the exchange is centralized by the brand.

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