People Excited For New Cryptocoin Big Eyes

After the second quarter crash, crypto is on the verge of making a comeback. Currently, the ruling digital currencies are Litecoin, Ripple, and hot newcomer Big Eyes (BIG).  This memecoin is a 100% community-driven project with a seriously cute cat mascot.

In its presale phase, BIG has brought in $8.8 million. The coin resides on the Ethereum blockchain and is intended to give users new opportunities to build wealth. For those who want in, Big Eyes is just five stages away from going live.

On launch, Big Eyes will feature a fully integrated NFT club. This BIG group is anticipated to be a direct competitor to the famous Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). For fish lovers and those who adore cuteness, an NFT to access the Sushi Crew is coming soon. 

80% of 200,000,000,000 units will be available on Day 1, with 5% of the coins going into a charity wallet. That cause is ocean sanctuaries with a mission of protecting fish. For eating, of course. After all, kitties love fish!

Not only will the purrbabies have a secure food supply, but investors can also enjoy the same security. Following a Solidarity Finance audit, Big Eyes has shown itself to be 100% secure. The coin’s initial liquidity lock is set for two years. 

As for the cuteomics of Big Eyes, this is a digital currency with no buy tax and no sell tax. 70% of units will be sold during a public presale. 20% of the launch supply will go to crypto exchanges, and 5% will be retained in a marketing wallet.

As for the Big Eyes NFTs, they will carry a 10% tax. 4% will be distributed to original sellers, and 5% will be distributed among holders. 1% of the NFTs will go to charity.

There are no dogs allowed in the Big Eyes world. BIG is ready to take on canine-themed coins Shiba Inu and Dogecoin. Plus, these wide-eyed kitties are on a mission to save the oceans and preserve the fish. For sushi eaters, that is.

Big Eyes is a learn-and-earn project. The creators hope to make DeFi easier to understand and potentially attract first-time crypto investors. Since this is a community-backed project, there is a significant possibility that buyers could make large purchases.

The BIG whitepaper outlines a strategy to let the dogs out and cats in. Yet the coin’s focus is on charity and utility. The marketing strategy has a goal of making Big Eyes the most talked-about crypto of 2022. 

To create a feline rule, BIG will seek assistance from the media, online influencers, and social media networks. If you think cat memes dominate the web now, get ready for a new wave of kitten madness.

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