Exclusive: Hempacco Exec Talks Cryptocurrency; To Ring Nasdaq Exchange Bell Today in NYC

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Hempacco Company Inc has revealed to CCO, they will be releasing a new cryptocurrency for their company in the upcoming future. The exact date is not clear, but it’s more likely than not likely. And the company will be accepting cryptocurrency payments in their official store(s).

“We will soon accept crypto in our store and might create our own crypto. More as a club style than a currency for trading,” said company co-owner and Marketing head, Jorge Olsen in an exclusive conversation with CryptoCoinOpps.

The Hempacco token symbol is to be announced before the year’s end. And there will be an ICO or IDO launch, just as they did for their Publicly traded stock.

A Major Brand To Watch

This is a company that is well known, with executive figures that speak in the public. Including, Hempacco is traded on the S&P 500 stock market. The company raised over $6-Million in their Initial Public Offering (IPO) for NasDaq trading.

Hempacco was 1 of only 2 companies in San Diego-California that successfully launched an IPO on the stock market in 2022.

Whys this big news?

It’s not confirmed but expected the Hempacco coin will be used to facilitate purchases of Hemp Cigarettes and rolling papers. Also, the company is expanding into other Cannabis products such as CBD cigarettes.
A cryptocurrency could be used to verify the authenticity of any product purchased under the companys name, just as VeChain’s attempting to do with TruTrace in Canada.

The association to popular rapper Rick Ross and corporate Hip-Hop figure James Lindsay, secures the brand will also have access to some of the most influential figures in American culture today. Rappers such as The Migos, Lil Baby, and Cardi B are just 3 of those artists that have inked deals for business with James Lindsay in the past.

It’s suggested that the launching of a legitimate new cryptocurrency ICO or IDO by Hempacco is one that should be watched for. The investment could see a 10x return in fairly short time as the Hemp products company has all the tools necessary to create brand popularity and use of their own token.

It’s not clear if Hempacco will create their own Blockchain or operate off one of the others such as Binance, Ethereum, or VeChain.

All of the major crytpo-tokens will be usable towards the Hempacco store. This includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, DOGE, Shiba Inu, Solana, LiteCoin, Binance, and more.

CCO is also trying to facilitate a connection that will lead to the accepting of the VeChain (VeT) token and possibly SafeHaven (SHA). This would allow use the completely decentralized and more secure cryptocurrency Exchnage, SafeSwap.

The Nasdaq Exchange bell ringing ceremony will take place Friday, September 23rd.

Crypto Coin Opps will keep readers updated.

(update – 5:15 PM) watch the bell ringing ceremony on the official Nasdaq Exchange twitter ( see video here )

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