Golden Inu To Expand Onto Ethereum Blockchain, Launch ERC20 Token PreSale

Golden Inu ($Golden) Expands Onto Ethereum Blockchain With ERC20 Token Launch
Golden Inu ($Golden) Expands Onto Ethereum Blockchain With ERC20 Token Launch
Golden Inu ($Golden) Expands Onto Ethereum Blockchain With ERC20 Token Launch

Golden Inu, the new meme-coin aiming to become the next “Shiba Inu Killer”, has had an eventful week.

Following the successful start of the cryptocurrency, the new meme coin is now aiming to broaden its reach by going to the Ethereum blockchain.

The token is currently in presale for its launch on the Ethereum blockchain. The move aims to present $GOLDEN to a broader audience, and going to the World’s largest blockchain is likely to help them achieve their goal.

Also, expanding to multiple blockchains can have several benefits for an up-and-coming currency.

The fact that the asset will be spread to different blockchains makes it more centralized and secure. This reduces the risk of a token being at the mercy of a specific platform.

In addition, multiple blockchains can help increase the asset’s liquidity. Not only will $GOLDEN have access to more trading pairs, but it also gives it a higher chance of being listed on popular crypto exchanges.

Taking anything from their ICO on the BNB chain, if the ERC20 presale performs similarly, investors stand to gain a lot. After its launch in February, the cryptocurrency surged in value by nearly 500%, while also increasing its market cap sixfold.

However, the asset went through a consolidation period over the past two weeks, but with a market cap still below $500,000 — a drastic change in price can occur at any moment.

Golden Inu Keeping $1-to-$1 Liquidity

One of the most exciting about the project’s tokenomics is its commitment to keeping a fair and balanced liquidity pool.

In a recent Tweet, the team spoke about their obligation to maintain a responsible cash reserve.

The cryptocurrency operates under a $1-to-$1 backing ratio. This means that for every token minted, an equivalent amount in U.S. dollars is held as a backup.

This is viewed positively by investors because it gives transparency and security to the project, which can help to lessen the risk of price fluctuation and improve trust in the business over time.

The addition of all new recent releases, paired with an ERC20 presale makes Golden Inu one of the new projects to look forward to during 2023’s next quarter.

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