New Crypto Ecosystem, Golden Inu, Opens Initial Coin Offering (ICO) 

Golden Inu Crypto's Golden Khan of the Horde
Golden Inu Crypto's Golden Khan of the Horde
Golden Inu Crypto’s Golden Khan of the Horde

Most new crypto tokens have no owner you can verify.   Today, one of the few that does have a KYC registered and a liquidity locked, is having their official ICO.    Golden Inu token, which is being dubbed the ‘Shiba Inu Killer,’ is preparing to offer their $GOLDEN token via an Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

New Crypto: Golden Inu; Owner KYC Verified

While the owner of this new “Dog” coin has not made himself a public name, he does actively tweet via the account @3TC.    His real information has been verified via “KYC” aka ‘Know Your Customer,’ which was created by government regulators to prevent crimes at legitimate financial institutions.  It’s a powerful service.

According to Crypto News Flash, the founder’s story is that of many.  Spawned from frustrations of Shiba Inu’s infinite excuses on “Why Shibarium hasn’t launched,”  3TC and other web3 programmers banded together to create a functional ecosystem.

Golden Quest™ Released Before Shibarium

The “Golden Quest” was the result of their efforts.  The first ‘world’ of an evolving web3 ecosystem, the initial platform allows users to earn money from the community they are invested in.

And the “GQ” platform is available today in beta as the ICO launches.   There’s no wait. 

A rivalry — the $GOLDEN token’s developer team is promoting the motto, “No stoic quotes, just technology.”  This seems to be shot at the former token they each held tokens for, Shiba Inu ($SHIB).  The ERC20 token has been delivering their best Shakespeare lines instead of the “Shibarium ecosystem” for their ‘Trinity’ tokens for months. 

The Golden Horde

Golden Inu has an entire social community plan for their ecosystem.  The Members of the crypto world will be referred to as “The Golden Horde.”   Within the Horde there are several alliances or ‘crews.’  These alliances identify community members’ talents and help those with professions and interests, build a rapport and social circle.

The genius of the Golden Quest™ seems to be the precise mathematical formula that allows its users to own a crypto token that gives them rewards; And not just that, holders can earn from job opportunities in the community.

Creating New Crypto Job Opportunities

And these crypt job opportunities will be available immediately after ICO.

The alliances are being created to find people who not only want to earn from crypto but also be a part in constructing the Golden Inu ecosystem.     Web3 developers, graphic designers, application programmers, social media marketers, and grass roots promoters will all be hired from the ‘treasury’ funds generated by the ecosystem.

How Crypto Ecosystem Will Afford To Pay $Golden Holders

That ‘$Golden Treasury’ funding is the ecosystem’s generated ‘savings account’ from transaction fees.  These are the same fees that all cryptos have. 

When buying or selling $GOLDEN tokens, a 6% tax is applied.   Half of that tax or 3% is stored  in the community’s ‘treasury.’   That treasury funding will compound from interests generated from the savings as well.

When the community decides via votes to create a new project to add to the ecosystem, the jobs for that project will begin opening.   Leaders of alliances within the Horde, referred to as “Golden Khans,” will come together to create a list of jobs needed.   Those jobs will be shared within the community. The treasury, which will have publicly verifiable funds, will be used to pay the professionals chosen.

To get a job, you just join the ecosystem

Anyone wishing to apply for these new crypto jobs will have to join the Golden Inu Ecosystem.    A lucrative reason to join an almost undeniable format to generate user growth.

Though it will take time to generate multiple ecosystems, Golden Inu has already outpaced the rival meme token “Shiba Inu.”  The motivated developer team has already generated token utility in less than 6 months.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Is Today

The ICO will take place today, February 23rd. It will be launched on trusted Initial Coin Offering platform, Gempad.   If not familiar, Gempad takes coin verification quite seriously and shares proof-of-reserves on liquidity pool holdings and more.

The minimum purchase required to take part in the $GOLDEN presale is 0.01 $BNB (Binance token).  The maximum purchase allowed is 1 $BNB token.

$GOLDEN is based on the Binance Smart Chain, a BEP20 crypto token.  This is why initial coin offering requires exchange for the Binance token ($BNB).

The Golden Inu website reports Pancake Swap exchange will list the token later this week; possibly on Thursday, the 24th.

The Bep20 token’s developer team have also revealed Layer-2  technology is being discussed but ecosystem stability and promotion is more important in this phase 1.

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