Ad Reached An Audience of 4 Billion in World Cup Final

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Despite being ranked as only the 12th largest crypto exchange by trading volume, is unquestionably one of the most popular exchanges in the world.

That’s thanks to the recurring efforts of its CEO Kris Marszalek in the heavy promotion of his company, specifically in famous sports events.

So far, invested billions of dollars in sports organizations such as the UFC, Formula 1, Paris St-Germain, 76ers, Miami Grand Prix, AFL, and LA Kings, among others.

And as far as outreach goes, scored its biggest win on the last Sunday, December 17.

In March, joined forces with FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association), in order to become the official cryptocurrency exchange to showcase its logo on football’s biggest stage.

The collaboration gave the exchange the opportunity to promote its brand during what is now acclaimed as the greatest World Cup final in history.

Despite no official numbers reported, estimations are that about 4 billion spectators watched Argentina beat the Frenchmen in order to become a three-time World Cup champion.

To make things even more favorable for the exchange, the match between Argentina and France is already regarded as an all-time classic. Many fans already consider it the single greatest football game in history.

This means that throughout the next decades,’s logo will be displayed in the background of the classic moments of the match, featuring Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappé. Investments in Sports

Following the collapse of the rival cryptocurrency exchange FTX, remains as the most preponderant crypto company in the world of sports.

The exchange is said to invest over a billion dollars annually, in several different niches, including mixed-martial arts, football, race cars, and basketball.

These heavy investments in promotion led to many people questioning if the exchange can actually keep this billion-dollar marketing campaign, while also securing its client’s funds.

The fallout of FTX only served to raise these questions about, given that both exchanges had very similar marketing strategies in sports.

Ultimately, this led to the release of a “proof of reserves” report. On December 9, disclosed proof-of-reserves data from auditing company Mazars Group, demonstrating that its clients’ funds are completely backed one to one.

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