Elon Musk Promotes New Perfume Line – Payable With Dogecoin

To put it simply, the words “Doge” and “perfume” don’t usually go together.

But this time they do.

Elon Musk – Dogecoin’s most famous endorser is at it again. This the multi-billionaire is promoting a new perfume line “Burnt Hair”

Musk revealed on Twitter on Wednesday that his “Boring Company” would be introducing a new brand of cologne. The fragrance Burnt Hair, which is sold in a red container, is meant to mimic the scent of a candle at the dinner table without the laborious effort of actually lighting up a candle.

It was stated that interested customers may also purchase the perfume using Dogecoin. It would equate to about 1,655 DOGE at the current exchange rate if sold for $100 each.

Up to this point, Musk’s company sold 11,000 bottles for $100 each, already reaching the $1 million mark in sales.

Burnt Hair comes after another item created by the Boring Company, “Not A Flamethrower.” Additionally accepting DOGE as payment, this product sold 20,000 units after going on sale. Of course, fire extinguishers can be purchased individually.

Musk Investing In Dogecoin’s Utility

Meme coins in general face difficulty in regards to detaching themselves from the “joke” aspect of their creations.

A common criticism that these type of cryptocurrency face is that no one would take them seriously in the real world – meaning that they would have no utility because no one would buy or sell a product using a currency that is regarded as a joke.

Perhaps it is with that reasoning in mind that Musk really goes out of his way to produce “utility” to his beloved dog-inspired cryptocurrency.

It has become a common occurrence to see Musk promoting products while offering them to be purchased in Dogecoin.

The billionaire told Billy Markus, the co-creator of Dogecoin, in May 2022 that he sees future use for meme coin.

Since then, Musk has promoted several different products to be purchased in Dogecoin.

Last month, the Tesla CEO announced a new exclusive product by the name of “Cyber Whistle” – which mimicked the appearance of Tesla’s long-expected vehicle – the Cyber Truck.

In June, Musk said in an interview with Bloomberg in which he explained why he endorses Dogecoin:

“I intend to personally support Dogecoin,” Elon Musk said. “I just have a lot of people who are not that wealthy who have encouraged me to buy and support those coins. So I’m responding to that those people, who I speak to as I walk around the factory at SpaceX or Tesla.

They’ve asked me to support those coins so I’m doing so.”

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