Now Revealed Taylor Swift Had $100M FTX Offer

Taylor Swift Looks at FTX Crypto Coin
Taylor Swift Looks at FTX Crypto Coin
Taylor Swift Looks at FTX Crypto Coin

As we see the number of celebrities & prized entities entangled in the FTX Fiasco rack up, here’s a silver lining in the dark clouds.   One famous singer luckily avoided dealing with Sam Bankman-Fried’s disgraced crypto-exchange.   It was revealed today that Taylor Swift Had a $100-Million-Dollar FTX deal pending.

‘Look what you made me do’ would have been a different meaning had Swift missed this deal and SBF turned out to be a true businessman. She’d be kicking her managers swiftly out of her business for losing US$100M.

But, fate had different plans.

Instead of being angry over losing a $100M deal, the “Love Story’  singer is surely counting her blessings. This way she is not responsible for ruining the financial stability of her trusting fans, after guiding them towards FTX.

Just Before Contract Was Signed

A report from the Financial Times earlier today,  Taylor and the fallen crypto-exchange were finalizing a mega-sponsorship deal.    Swift was to be paid a whopping US$100M in exchange for her co-signing and promotion of the brand.

The momentous sum did raise red flags within her camp however, even before it fell apart.

“No one really liked the deal,” is what an individual who was allegedly close to her camp, saw of the deal’s discussion.  

The staggering sum “was too expensive from the beginning.”

Regardless, the deal fell apart before anything could be completed.   Taylor Swift is said to have had little to no knowledge of who Sam Bankman-Fried nor his crypto-exchange was exactly either.     

Taylor Swift’s FTX deal fell apart before the exchange was called out by Binance CEO CZ.  And of course, before the $30-billion-dollar crypto powerhouse was forced into Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Had FTX Signed Taylor Swift for $100 Million

Had the deal been completed, it’s questionable if SBF would have paid the platinum Pop Star.   The former FTX CEO’s value today has sunk from billionaire to under $100k in his bank account.  

Though $100k is still a lot for the average American or Bahamian, it’s still pennies of the $100-Million he was promising Swift.

It’s speculated the crypto-conman was planning to dupe millions if not billions of music fanatics by using Taylor’s image.  And he likely would have expanded to other popular icons of the culture next.

And allegedly, the money FTX was generating today was used to pay building debts Bankman-Fried had accrued from the past. This includes money lost to gambling on other cryptos  and lavish spending habits.

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