Shikoku, The Crypto Token That Launched 1000 TikTok Videos

Shikoku Inu token ($SHIKOKU)
Shikoku Inu token ($SHIKOKU)
Shikoku Inu token ($SHIKOKU)

Shikoku Ken are the steadfast guardians of the Japanese mountain island of Shikoku. They are nimble and industrious, much like the $SHIKOKU concept. These dogs closely resemble internet-favorite Shiba Inus, and their namesake crypto project put out a filter that launched a thousand TikTok videos!


$SHIKOKU is a decentralized experiment. It was launched on the seventh of November 2022 at block 15921055 on the Ethereum Mainnet, by its creator, Shikoshi. The goal was to offer a new uption for those battling one of the toughest bear markets ever seen. Crafted from international hardships, the $SHIKOKU local area is pure salt of the earth. Its members support one another and form an incredibly progressive, selfless community.

$SHIKOKU has no particular proprietor; owners are literally anyone who wishes to own the currency. Its motto is straightforward: intense, steadfast, bold. The private key for the first $SHIKOKU depolyment is accessible for all to add to their provisional wallets and join the power. For more details, check out page 6 of Whitepaper.

With the advancement of the SIDE (Shikoku Inu Decentralized Ecosystem) and #SHIK as its center, the project hopes to build a thriving community. Its members will include makers, financial backers, engineers, and holders, all sponsored by $SHIKOKU.

Meet the Currency

$SHIKOKU is a decentralized memecoin which hopes to establish itself as an attractive long-term investment. The aggregate and max supply is 1 Quadrillion $SHIKOKU tokens. There are no proprietor capacities and 100% of the liquidity is burned, or permanently locked.

As a gesture of appreciation, Shikoshi gifted Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin with 50% of the currency’s aggregate supply, or 500,000,000,000,000 tokens. Shikoshi simply asked Vitalik to consume no more than 47% of the supply. For the remainder, that he gives 2% different philanthropy groups and keeps 1% to spend at his discretion.

A TikTok Sensation

The token also has an adorable filter featuring its namesake pooch. The filter is so appealing that it has launched nearly 1000 TikTok videos since February 21. For the social media wizards out there, it appears this hot new coin is looking for someone to keep its Twitter account as active as possible. No bones about it, this sounds like a sweet gig for a dog loving crypto enthusiast.

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