Solana Defi Exchange “OptFi” Accidentally Loses Access to $661.000 Funds Forever.

An incident regarding OptiFi, a Defi Exchange company based on the Solana blockchain caught the attention of the cryptocurrency world.

During the development of an upgrade of OptFi’s Solana’s program code, one of the company’s developers was working on updating the OptFi program on Solana’s mainnet.

The team said that the deployer was attempting to use the anchor deploy to upgrade the OptiFi software. The procedure did, however, take longer than normal.

Before receiving a response, the deployer canceled this upgrade. In the meantime, the procedure had produced an unused buffer account with a 17.2023808 SOL balance.

Before re-starting the mainnet update, the deployer made an effort to shut down this buffer account in order to restore its balance.

However, a developer accidentally used the “Solana program close”. That action resulted in OptiFi’s mainnet being closed, and all access to the company’s funds is now impossible to reach.

OptiFi states that over $660,000 was lost during that process.

“Every deployment needs a rigorous process and single-point can be avoided,” OptiFi’s development team wrote in a Medium post. “Please don’t rush like what we did, especially for Defi Projects.”

OptFi Will Refund Users

The DeFi Exchange promised to refund all users who lost money in the company’s accident.

OptFi states that most of the money lost was from the actual team of developers and that the money lost from investors will be refunded by the company.

“We will compensate all users’ funds and prevent it from happening again”

The team said they tried contacting a Solana developer, but the response is that the fund is most likely gone.

“We immediately searched the relevant topic on Solana discord, and also asked a core dev from Solana, but the answers we got are overwhelmingly indicating that we are unable to re-deploy our program to the previous program”

OptFi Issues a Warning for Solana Developers

The OptFi team of developers also warned the Solana development community to be careful when utilizing the “Solana program close” command.

The company also suggested that Solana should add a warning a warning sign regarding the command, given that the misuse of it might result in irrecoverable damage to the blockchain’s wallet.

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