Solana Loses Exclusivity on Best Selling NFT Marketplace To Polygon

Solana's native crypto-coin: SOL tokens
Solana's native crypto-coin: SOL tokens
Solana’s native crypto-coin: SOL tokens

Solana’s best-selling NFT marketplace just announced a new blockchain integration. “Magic Eden” revealed that on top of Solana, the platform will be adding the layer-2 scaling solution Polygon to its brand.

Nevertheless, the NFT marketplace will not be abandoning Solana. Magic Eden announced that the plan is to expand the options of blockchains that integrate with the well-performing platform. They now offer integration with Solana, Ethereum, and Polygon blockchains.

By expanding to a multi-chain project, Magic Eden has a better chance of reaching a lot more projects and potential clients.

“We hope to bring the universes of Solana, Ethereum, and Polygon closer.” The company wrote in a blog post. “Creators across chains on Ethereum, Solana, or Polygon can benefit from the same go-to-market expertise that put us on the map with over 400 projects launched to date.”

Meanwhile, Magic Eden claims that developers will no longer have to restrict their projects to a single blockchain’s audience. Also, collectors on the platform will have a lot more options for NFTs to trade and buy.

The move allows the platform to detach itself from being a “single-chain” marketplace. Also, Magic Eden plans to attract more customers not because of its blockchain integrations, but due to the quality of its products.

Considering Polygon is supported by some of the industry’s top gaming ventures, including Sandbox, Atari, Skyweaver, and Midnight Society – Magic Eden believes it will continue to bring web3 games to the people with the expansion.

Solana Loses Priority on a Marketplace In the Midst of a Serious Crisis

Magic Eden’s collaboration with Polygon comes as Solana suffers significant losses as a result of the FTX debacle.

In fact, Solana was one of the biggest losers among all the cryptocurrencies. The blockchain had over $130 million invested in FTX, and Sam Bankman-Fried had a close relationship with the Solana foundation.

SOL went from trading at over $33.00 on November 1st, to now a mere $13.10. This means the token lost by almost 60% in the span of one single month.

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