December 13, 2022

New Moonpay President Left Time Magazine To Be In Crypto

Keith Grossman, Moonpay's New CEO

TIME Magazine is one of the most iconic media publications of today. The physical publication still had a massive circulation of 1.6-Million, even in the digital age, after most print publications perished.   But now it seems even the untouchable is being ‘touched’ by the digital era.   The ex-head of TIME magazine, Keith Grossman, […]

December 8, 2022

ZEBEDEE, MoonPay Partner To Offer Bitcoin Top Ups Worldwide

Bitcoin Top-Ups Worldwide

Recently, a new collaboration is promising to shake up the Web3 space. ZEBEDEE, one of the industry’s leading FinTech and next-generation gaming payment processors announced a partnership with MoonPay. The new collaborative effort looks to provide an extended integration of MoonPay’s services in the ZEBEDEE app. In addition, the new feature will let players in […]