January 6, 2023
New Cryptos

Scam Alert: Football Inu Token Now Up 588% in 24h (But Dont Buy It)

Football Inu Token Ⓒ 2023 – Crypto Coin Opps

A 2-month-old cryptocurrency is drawing attention from its ridiculous intra-day gains. The token “Football Inu”, a football-inspired cryptocurrency project, jumped by a whopping amount of 588% on January 5th. These kinds of gains are simply unheard of in the top players of the cryptocurrency market. For instance, if Bitcoin went through the same thing, BTC […]

December 11, 2022

Kim K & Floyd Mayweather Jr Now Clear Of EMAX Lawsuit

Kim Kardashian Holding ETHMax Token

Ethereum Max once had a market cap of a whopping US$250M.  It was supported by Kim K, Floyd Mayweather Jr, Antonio Brown, and Paul Pierce in its prime. Each celebrity was allegedly paid 6 to 7 figures to promote the now defunct cryptocurrency.  Once it had its ‘rug pulled’ however, it left investors infuriated and […]

December 2, 2022
Hacks and Crime

New Crypto Scam: Amazons AS67TN Token Isn’t By Amazon

Scam Crypto Token

As the fall out of crypto happens, there are still ‘pure’ scammers lurking in all communities of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.    Today, fraudsters are hoping to pump a token that looks extremely close to the web’s #1 eCommerce store. But paying attention, it’s clearly not that.   New crypto-scam “Amazons AS67TN” is being pumped around the […]