New Crypto Scam: Amazons AS67TN Token Isn’t By Amazon

Scam Crypto Token
Scam Crypto Token: Amazons AS67TN
Scam Crypto Token

As the fall out of crypto happens, there are still ‘pure’ scammers lurking in all communities of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.    Today, fraudsters are hoping to pump a token that looks extremely close to the web’s #1 eCommerce store. But paying attention, it’s clearly not that.   New crypto-scam “Amazons AS67TN” is being pumped around the web, but it’s not Amazon.

Amazons AS67TN Pre-Sale Bots

It’s beings spread across reddit, YouTube, Twitter, and more.

Popular YouTube host Brian Jung has his latest video’s comments section inundated with promising mentions.

“If you hold into the crash it’s your own fault. Amazons AS67TN the way out and it’s here for anyone to use – should be aware on this as a chance this year which is rare even for the century guys” reads one comment, posted around 11 PM Thursday.

And the comments trying to raise interests in this “Amazon-like” token didn’t stop there.

Another comment reads “Can’t deny the fact that Amazons AS67TN has the strongest bet to bring lights back to this industry after we suffered FTX, Celsius, Tera and so on. Sure if they fail it’s done for good but the pressure is too high and I think they will keep proper liquidity rather than these others. Don’t see them going bankrupt any time soon.”

There’s too many other similar comments to count & share.

The truth is, none of these statements are true.   They are all from an illegitimate source attempting to defraud inexperienced crypto-enthusiasts and others, who might not notice one simple key.

Brand-Phishing — The ‘S’ Makes A Big Difference

The token is called “Amazons” not “Amazon,” if you pay attention closely.

It’s a crypto-phising scam.   One might not think a brand name being 1 letter off from a major entity like Amazon would be tricking people, but it does.

On the scam token’s website, the entire layout is designed to look like the legitimate company’s on-line shop. The color combinations are similar.  The logo is similar. Even the token name, “AMZ” looks as if it could be for ‘Amazon.’

How This Amazons Rug Pull Scam Works

But the bottom line in all of this, it’s not and it’s a company looking to trick the misguided.

The site tells users to join their pre-sale, where you can use legitimate tokens like Bitcoin or Ethereum to buy their ICO tokens.  A user simply clicks a button to send tokens to the “AMZ” wallet.    

And once sent, they cannot be recovered.

After registered, users will get an account on the website.    And the platform has a private user profile where tokens ‘should’ show up at some point. 

Though it’s unlikely that AMZ tokens ever get distributed to users, if it does, it’s to pro-long the selling of the scam cryptocurrency.   

And the final catch 22, that certifies a ‘rug pull’ is simply non-liquidity.   Users will get an account on that website but not be able to ‘cash out’ because the founders of the page will disappear.    

The tokens will not be able to be turned into cash because they are not and will not be listed on any public crypto-exchange.   Coinbase, Kraken, KuCoin, Binance, nor any other exchange is going to approve the AMZ token ever.    

Lets just call this one ‘scAMAZON’ token. It should also have a more appropriate token symbol:  ‘scAMZ.’

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