TreasureDAO Token ($MAGIC) Now Listed On Exchange

TreasureDAO Ecosystem's Native Token - $MAGIC
TreasureDAO Ecosystem's Native Token - $MAGIC
TreasureDAO Ecosystem’s Native Token – $MAGIC Coin

Two weeks ago, Binance announced the addition of Treasure DAO’s native coin to their innovation zone.  Token symbol $MAGIC, it was offered in trading pairs with Bitcoin (BTC), Binance USD (BUSD), and Tether (USDT).  Now it appears MAGIC has made another great advancement, being listed on Wednesday morning.

The new crypto listing was announced via the crypto exchange’s website and a tweet, which is seen by over 2.6-Million followers.

What is Treasure DAO vs MAGIC?

Treasure DAO  is a decentralized NFT ecosystem built on the Arbitrum blockchain.    It focuses on building metaverses and connecting crypto gamers that participate in them.  

The native token of the new ecosystem is $MAGIC.   TreasureDAO’s team says it will be the basis for their new gaming metaverse and be a way to connect the gamers active in it.   MAGIC will also be the sole token of marketplace transactions.

According to Crunchbase it was founded in September of 2021 and listed as a fully for-profit company.   The brand even lists a contact phone number for transparency — (628) 277-3707.  The area code indicates the brand has it’s HQ based in San Francisco, California.

$MAGIC can now be purchased at true cost with 23+ fiat cryptocurrencies via exchange. This includes the Euro, Dollar, and British Pound.

The token can also be used via’s visa debit card, which is accepted by over 80-million merchants globally.

Current listing price of the MAGIC token is US$1.02.

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