2022 Litecoin Summit Ends, Founder Spoke On Future Of LTC

The third annual Litecoin summit just wrapped in Las Vegas, NV. On October 21 and 22, LTC enthusiasts gathered at the LINQ Hotel for entertainment, discussions, keynote speeches, and unmatched networking opportunities. The conference was started to showcase the applications and potential of the altcoin boasting 100% uptime from the day it hit the market.

The topics covered this year included technical innovations, industry-wide developments, and policy concerns. Web 3.0 and the second-quarter crash will likely be discussed as well. The summit comes just after LTC’s 11th birthday, which is sure to see some belated celebration.

The conference is an unprecedented learning opportunity for novices and veterans alike. Speakers include Litecoin Foundation heavyweights Alan Austin, David Schwartz, Robbie Colemen, David Burkett, and LTC creator Charlie Lee Himself. LTC Labs was the event’s title sponsor. Big names like StormX, Get Hedge, and Coin Vigilante also sponsored this exciting event.

The burning question is-what comes next for LTC? Some emerging areas discussed were crypto for estate planning, government regulation, gaming/eSports, mass adoption, financial privacy, and incorporating non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into the Litecoin environment.

Proving true to its name, Litecoin is expected to have a bright future. Analysts are predicting strong growth for this alt-coin into 2023 and beyond. Last month, LTC saw an uptick in interest on social media. This was accompanied by heavier than usual trading, at an increase of 57.7% in volume. Industry analysts, however, attribute this increase to whales rather than a large number of people making small to moderate investments.

As of October, 2022, that distribution of use is expected to change. Litecoin is just one of four cryptocurrencies that is approved for use on Venmo. This peer to peer activity could account for most of the buying and trading activity for this year and well into the next. Anticipated partnerships and additional integrations also give LTC a promising outlook.

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