7 Major US Companies With Metaverse Trademarks

Man Living in Metaverse via VR Headset
Man Living in Metaverse

Following Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement in 2021, The world has gone crazy over Meta. In the announcement, Meta ™ would create a system allowing users to interact in a virtual world. Using existing and developing new technologies, Users could experience 3-D interactions in the virtual world. This virtual world would facilitate a new level of News about this development to spread like wildfire. As a result, many iconic brands joined the metaverse bandwagon and invested in trademarks to get ahead of the curve. This article will explore the 7 biggest brands filed for trademarks in the Metaverse. 

The digital universe offers a unique opportunity for brands intending to invest in the future. Meta’s project is on a very large scale. This project aims to spearhead technological development and push social interaction to the next level. As such, new opportunities via virtual space have emerged. This virtual space allows individuals to purchase advertisement space and even virtual real estate. By getting in on the action early, a brand can use the platform to maximize its reach, boost sales and gain more consumers. These traits made the platform alluring for all brands that market their products via social media platforms.  


This brand is a global marvel in the e-retail industry, coming only second to amazon in the global charts. The Chinese multinational company also specializes in internet and technology. Under Jack Ma’s stewardship, Alibaba expanded to regions such as Africa and Asia. The B2B has connected many manufacturers, buyers, and suppliers on its platform. The platform has facilitated large-scale goods transfers to wholesalers while earning profit margins. Given the large market under its operation, the company quickly acquired a section of the new market. This move may prove to be important in helping Alibaba trump its competitors.


Amazon has become one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States. The company has dominated e-commerce and expanded its retail services in 58 countries around the world. With over 140 million users in the US, its success has only grown. The company has also expanded into new sectors such as robotics, streaming services, and web hosting. This company has pushed innovation forward in such sectors. Following its history of success in exploiting new opportunities facilitated through technology, amazon has invested in the future of the digital universe. 


The twenty-first century so far has showcased incredible development, as evident in Google’s rise. From being a simple search engine, Google has expanded to cloud computing, e-commerce, electronics, online advertising, and search engine technology. Google’s services have become the foundation of many businesses around the world. Thus, taking change in stride, the company has filed for a metaverse trademark. 

American Express

American Express has gained success in the financial scene. The credit company has been a fixture in the American population, providing millions with financial services and travel solutions. American Express has gained this market share through its positioning using its advertisement strategy. As such, investing in the emerging market may be a new direction for the company. 

DC Comics

This company is a mogul of critical importance in the global entertainment scene. The company’s creation is part of the entertainment scene that has shaped western culture. With brands such as Superman, Batman, and the Justice League under their roster, the studio has experienced much success in most of America and Europe. DC has been a solid earner that gained its income from comics, films, and merchandise. Thus, with the coming of the Metaverse, the company’s next step in elevating itself can lie in the virtual world. 

Fox Media

Richard Murdoch’s mass media company has also been reported to have filed a metaverse trademark. Fox media is one of America’s biggest media houses. Known for its controversial coverage, Fox has also earned profits from generating content. Fox has created many shows along with a streaming service to expand its hold in the media industry. As such, the digital universe can be another step in the media company’s expansion in the future. 


The sports apparel company currently holds the throne in the footwear market. The company is involved in marketing, designing, developing, and manufacturing accessories, equipment, and footwear. Banking on its roster of celebrities and athletes, Nike has grown to reign supreme in the market. Thus, investing in the sector is a no-brainer to maintain this position in the future. 

Celebrities and Athletes

Some celebrities have also taken a personal interest in expanding their brands into the digital universe. This list includes big names in sports, comedy, and Hollywood. Such personalities include Kevin Hart, Christina Aguilera, David Beckham, Dolly Parton, Kanye West, Lebron James, and Tom Brady.

As the digital universe is developed, it provides a new niche for existing companies, businesses, brands, and start-ups. The Metaverse’s virtual world holds infinite possibilities for the future of the human race. Once online, this development can vastly improve some businesses and catapult them into profitability as brands from all sectors have filed for trademarks, opting to bank on the project’s success.

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