A New Coinbase Documentary is Currently Streaming

Coinbase is one of the backbones of the cryptocurrency industry or crypto-economy. Founded in 2012 by Brian Armstrong, it is one of the world’s most trusted and utilized crypto exchange platforms. It boasts 103 million users worldwide. Coinbase also works with 14,500 institutions and 245,000 crypto partners in more than 100 countries. Coinbase is so popular because of its ease of use and security. Even the most novice of investors can quickly learn how to spend, save, and earn digital currency.

One of the oldest and most respected exchanges, Coinbase is telling its story with a new documentary. Premiered on streaming platforms on October 7, 2022, COIN; A Founder’s Story examines the crypto industry and the role Coinbase has played in the crypto-economy for the past three years. The film can be viewed on Amazon Prime, YouTube, and iTunes.

It is perhaps no surprise that the documentary shines a positive light on this lightning-paced world. Specifically, it tells the story of Brian Armstrong as he shares his first thoughts on the staggering potential of Bitcoin. He founded Coinbase to make it easier for the public to buy and trade digital assets. In essence, it is not just an origin story for Coinbase but details how Armstrong’s brainchild helped to legitimize crypto.

The film is not all smiles, as it does mention the May-June 2022 collapse that wiped out tremendous fortunes in a matter of weeks. It also focuses on cryptocurrency’s mission of providing wealth for all. Armstrong wanted to put this opportunity into everyone’s hands, not just those of wealthy investors. In fact, Brian Armstrong has signed the Giving Pledge, a commitment to leave most of his wealth to charitable causes during his lifetime.

Most of the documentary is Armstrong telling his story in his words. Director Greg Kohs captures the energy of turning technology into a rallying cry for economic equality on a global scale. One of the hallmarks of cryptocurrency is decentralization to offer wealth-building opportunities for anyone from any background. COIN reflects this admirable mission and could very well serve as a vehicle to help the industry continue its upward tick.

Armstrong commissioned the documentary to “demystify crypto” and demonstrate that company founders are not heroes or villains. He wants to portray entrepreneurs as regular people who are attempting to deliver a product or service consumers want. Armstrong also commented that Kohs was given carte blanche access to the company’s activity over the past three years. This was to provide the director with a clear view and Coinbase’s highs and lows during the time frame.

For those interested in the crypto industry, entrepreneurship, and what it takes to be a leader, COIN could be a good way to spend 84 minutes. Just keep in mind that while crypto is built on the principle of economic equality, a 2020 report suggests that 95% of all Bitcoin assets are controlled by just 2% of user accounts. 

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