Abra Launches New Credit Card on AmEx — Rewards in Crypto

American Express recently released new information regarding the company’s charge network being used for the launching of a new crypto credit card.

In June, during the world’s largest and most important cryptocurrency-related conference, Consensus 2022, American Express announced the new “Abra Crypto Card”.

This brand-new and innovative card will allow users to earn cryptocurrency rewards made on purchases using the credit card.

American Express Network: Offers 100+ Coins

It was also reported that the owners of the Abra Crypto Card will be allowed to choose among over 100 different cryptocurrencies supported on the American Express platform, plus the card does not charge any annual or international transaction fees.

In addition, the card will have Amex Offers, which include discounts and extra rewards available at renowned online businesses, as well as on tax services, airlines, hotels, flowers, and gifts. Examine your accounts because there are several fresh deals accessible.

“This has been a long time coming and is the first American Express crypto product,” said Abra CEO Bill Barhydt to Coindesk. “Amex retail offers from hundreds of merchants are integrated into the app with the whole fraud and purchase protection all integrated with the Abra wallet.”

A New NFT Service

Abra has spent over two years developing a whole new way for users to store, manage, and transact with the Ethereum network. This new feature will look to facilitate the lives of new users looking to enter the NFT marketplace who lack the knowledge of dealing with e-wallet providers like Metamask.

This issue has been totally resolved by Abra. The company’s NFT and DeFi wallets employ cutting-edge architecture to conceal the complexity and difficulty of both NFTs and DeFi.

The new, integrated NFT service feature will make it simple to access a range of NFT markets while reducing gas costs. “You shouldn’t have to be a Ph.D. in MetaMask to purchase or trade NFTs,” Barhydt asserts.
Abra’s goal in developing a new NFT functionality is to make it simple to buy and sell NFTs from a number of markets.

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