Battle-Chain, New Play-2-Earn Game, Aims To Top Axie-Infinity & GameFi

1 of Many Battle-Chain Characters
1 of Many Battle-Chain Characters
1 of Many Battle-Chain Characters

Axie-Inifnity, Decentraland, Sidus Heroes, Chain of Alliance, Alien Worlds, Decentraland, and the other top Play-2-Earn crypto games have a new rival.    New eSport game “Battle-chain” has launched their official website and roadmap.  And from the crypto-game’s plans, it will have all the best features of past P2E games and more.

But before diving too far into the new crypto-entertainment, the first feature to learn about is the ESports game’s native token, BACN.     Every action completed during the new play-to-earn game can result in the earning of a fraction of a $BACN coin.

How To Convert Battle-Chain Coins

These can be turned into cash by using the game’s cross-chain blockchain bridge.

“We are working on our own cross-chain blockchain bridge,” proclaimed a Battle-Chain representative  to CryptoCoinOpps via telegram.

Beyond earning, the in-game play options will be ahead of games like Axie-Infinity and Alien Worlds according to the Battle-Chain whitepaper.   In a detailed review, there are at least 15 features which are yet to be seen on other games.  

Infinite Metaverse and Virtual Reality Mode

Of those in-game features shared, highlights include an infinite metaverse and virtual reality mode (VRM).  These two are important because players can continue building out the Battle Chain world to no end.   For a more real-time experience, players will also be able compete wearing a VR headset.

Organizing Tournament & Team Play

Decentraland, Sidus Heroes, and Chain of Alliance fans wishing for more social activity in play will quickly jump ship to Battle-Chain as well.  There’s not only first person mode but also third person and team game options, allowing people to play alongside friends or set up local competitions.

Creation of NFTs As You Play

As users play and achieve different feats in the game, NFT champion staking and farming opportunities will be presented.  This means the best players will be ‘creating’ metaverse products that will be stored on Battle-Chain’s blockchain and can be saved, sold, or traded to other players.a

And again, all of these actions from battle, adventure, and creation will produce BACN tokens.   Those coins can be used in the game’s NFT marketplace.  The players ‘battling’ the most can load up on game-time weapons and character add-ons.

Screenshot of Battle-Chain Graphics being Created
Screenshot of Battle-Chain Graphics being Created

Unreal Engine 5 – 3D Graphics

As for speed and graphics,  the new Play-2-Earn shooter game looks to trump Axie, Chain of Alliance, Alien Worlds, and others by using the latest tech.    For image and video in the metaverse, Battle-Chain proclaims it will use the most open and advanced real-time 3D creation tool for photoreal visuals and immersive experiences — Unreal Engine 5.  To make sure these high end graphics allow people flawless adventure, it will operate on Battle-Chain’s native Block-chain.    With no 3rd-parties interfering, the $BACN world expects no network outages, like those that have caused issues Sidus Heroes and Decentraland.

Urban city in a Battle-Chain Metaverse World
Urban city in a Battle-Chain Metaverse World

The goal for Battle-Chain seems simple — Learn from other P2E crypto game’s mistakes and do it better.

Between now and the 1st version’s launch in April, the shooter game’s tech team is developing protection from cheats and hackers.  Also, the Battle-Chain crew is completing the initial DAO ecosystem.

The ecosystem as a whole will be important as BACN will allow Giant PVE and PVP battles across different territories within the game’s infinite metaverse.  And  though the concept has been attempted before, Battle-Chain is going to have ‘secrets’ that have yet to be done by competitors and only to be announced after players unlock the features.

How To Join & Projected Costs

This ESports game was founded by Benjamin Goldberg, Dennis Riemer, Dirk Schoettelndreier, and Kevin Kohls. Their career experiences are split between technology and gaming.  

Users can register for updates and be the first to participate in events via their official website:    

Tokens to initiate 80 minutes of game play and/or be used for future character upgrades (without playing-2-earn) can currently be purchased for 0.08 BUSD (Binance US) coins.   This rate will be allowed until the 1st version of Battle-Chain’s release in April 2023. 

Prices are slated to increase to 0.15 BUSD to initiate 30 minutes of  game play by December 2023 — final game launch.

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