New Discovery: Sony Filed A Patent For NFT Management Tech

According to newly released records, Sony registered for a patent in 2021 for a system that manages digital assets in video games utilizing blockchain technology, especially NFTs.

The Japanese mega-corporation is one of the leading companies running the gaming industry today. On top of being the creator of the highest-selling gaming console series “Playstation” — Sony also owns exclusivity to some of the top AAA games today.

According to Sony, the company intends on using blockchain technology in order to record different types of media, including videos and gameplay. The content will then include a non-fungible token to make it unique.

Due to the nature of Non-Fungible-Tokens, Sony-owned NFTs will be one-of-a-kind digital assets that cannot be duplicated, replaced, or subdivided.

Despite being a long way off from actually implementing blockchain technology in the promotion and distribution of gaming content, Sony appears to be keen on investing in the future of blockchain gaming.

Why Sony Thinks Blockchain Can Revolutionize Gaming

When implemented in mainstream games, blockchain technology has the potential to completely redefine gaming as a whole.

For starters, for online games, decentralized gaming servers would mean faster and more secure servers for players. Hacking a blockchain server is incredibly difficult in comparison to centralized ones.

Also, transactions and storing of digital goods are also safer.

When players purchase digital collectibles in your blockchain-based game, they may safely keep them in their cryptocurrency wallets.

In addition to security, NFT gaming has the potential of adding real-world value to in-game currency and goods.

In current gaming purchases, the items bought are worth nothing outside of the game.

One advantage of blockchain in gaming is that users will actually own their assets. The distinction is that a blockchain-based game will employ smart contracts to manage transactions within the game.

Smart contracts are executed automatically whenever conditions programmed in them are fulfilled, and the result is permanent.

When you launch a blockchain-powered game, all in-game assets purchased with smart contracts are transferred to your users’ public addresses. Smart contracts also provide complete transparency, as all players can see the rules.

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