XRP Junkies & JunkiVerse Choose CasinoCoin For New Web3 Gaming

Junkies of the Junkiverse

CasinoCoin (CSC) and XRP Junkies have announced a new partnership for new Web3 gaming in the Metaverse.    The collaboration will allow CSC token holders to take advantage of games in the Junkiverse Lobby.

Though the term ‘junkies’ has a negative connotation — well, there is no true positive to contradict this statement.  Apparently, XRP Junkies is a social club of gamers in the metaverse.  The people or characters in the game are junkies.   The world they will live in is the “Junkiverse.” 

What’s Junkiverse & XRP Junkies?

The term junkie is being redefined by the gaming company.  In a recent blog they describe the dystopian world game and the digital characters within it.

The Junkiverse is  a world in this metaverse where there’s a group of rebellious people, fighting for ultimate freedom.  The Junkies are pushing back against a government that seeks to control all people via controlling cryptocurrency.

The first step of control was making all mankind get implanted with a chip, if they wish to use their cryptocurrencies.  Without this chip or ‘implant,’ no one can survive.  The government will not allow you digital currency to pay for anything in the ‘free’ world.

So diabolical is the Junkiverse government; The implant uses the carrier’s body to harvest energy to mine cryptocurrency.

The Junkies are the ones who have chosen to remove the implant and survive, against all odds.  The digital rebels also organize and plot to overthrow the dictatorial power suppressing their true freedom.

Every Junkie is Certified Unique

All characters in the Junkiverse will be an NFT with a unique virtual identification.      That ID will tell all of the character’s game attributes — mutations, personalities, and anomalies.

There will be different generations of Junkies as well. This can be compared to real-life generations of babies, in example Generation X or Z.      The first first collection will be the “Genesis” group.    Each Genesis junkie will have 300 unique traits and DNA that links it back to the original collection.

Traits of each Junkie will be their skill set(s), personality, and skinned avatars or physical image.

The JunkiVerse will have casinos

Within this dystopian world of Junkies, there will be casinos.   This is only one aspect of the multi-layered multiverse world.  The casinos however will be one of the most fun, and likely less political parts of the Web3 game.    

Junkies with CasinoCoin will be allowed to hang out in the Junkiverse Lobby.  It’s here both monetized and free-play games will be available to those playing in this metaverse realm.

This partnership to build out the metaverse casino with the CSC token as the official digital currency of Junkiverse Lobby was announced October 27th [medium blog].

There will be more than gambling in this play-to-earn MMO game.  The developers behind it have over 15 years of experience.   Their goal is to help pioneer web3 with this multi-universe, multi-generational characters game.

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