Polygon Announces PolkaPet World Partnership

Recently, the leading blockchain development Platform “Polygon” announced its new NFT collection.

The project branded as “Polygon Pets” will be made available to collectors thanks to an exclusive partnership between Polygon Studios and PolkaPet World, a Forj-owned company.

The collection will consist of three characters inspired by some of the most iconical Indian felines: The Royal Bengal Tiger (Paarja), the Indian Leopard (Baiyun), and the Clouded Leopard (Kaali). Each of these characters was created in collaboration with

Each figure will be available in four different rarities: Noble Onyx, Majestic Pearl, Royal Sapphire, and Opulent Diamond. The collection of feline characters was developed in close collaboration with important members of the Polygon team.

This partnership also marks the first time Polygon will let users engage in The Sandbox’s metaverse, where they get the chance of winning prizes interacting with the virtual reality.

Polygon directors are celebrating the partnership with PolkaPet World. The collaboration further expands Polygon’s reach in the market.

“Polygon Pets marks our foray into the world of Pets with Forj, opening new avenues of engagement for fans of our project,” said Charnjit Bansi, Vice President of Game Design at Polygon. “The opportunities for gamified experiences, which will include a metaverse activation, are vast and we’re confident it will bring new audiences into the Polygon ecosystem.”

PolkaPet World representatives also commemorated the integration of Polygon into their NFT project.

“Having the Polygon team on board with their own unique collection of Polygon Pets provides our Pets community with a whole new dimension to explore” Said Harry Liu, the Team Leader at Polkapet World. “We can’t wait to introduce everyone to our three new Pet characters, each designed with industry-leading artists”

About PolkaPet World

PolkaPet world is a unique NFT project created by Forj, a web3 technology developer.

PolkaPet is part of the “Polkadot Ecosystem”. Each PolkaPet is represented by an innovative creation that characterizes a certain Polkadot project.

In order to encourage community members to keep their PolkaPet NFTs in their wallets, each PolkaPet has a special project-specific utility. These utilities can include fee reductions, a token airdrop to PolkaPet cardholders, or a variety of additional benefits.

$PETS is the utility token used to interact with PolkaPet World goods and services, as well as to grant access to exclusive sales and governance privileges.

Polygon (MATIC) Price Retraction

Polygon suffered a huge blow this Thursday, August 19th. The price dropped nearly 7% in under 24 hours, reaching the lowest price of August.

However, there is no need to be alarmed. Polygon’s present activity in the blockchain market makes it one of the leading blockchain development platforms. With the expansion of Web3 technologies and the introduction of the metaverse to the general public, Polygon looks to have a bright future ahead.

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