Binance Holds The Most $SHIB Now — UnStaked 12-Trillion, ReStakes 4T

$SHIB Token Held in Front of Moving Water
$SHIB Token Held in Front of Moving Water
$SHIB Token Held in Front of Moving Water Ⓒ 2023 – Crypto Coin Opps

It’s an exciting year for Shiba Inu tokens. As many speculate the founder of Bitcoin is actually the founder of the $SHIB token, it’s definitely starting to look as if the coin was planned by a genius.  Adding fuel to building interests, Binance holds the most $SHIB tokens of all exchanges now.

Details of Binance’s Shiba Inu Holdings

The world’s #1 exchange currently holds between 83 and 87 Trillion SHIB tokens.   Yesterday  Watcher Guru reported trusted tracking apps Ether Scan and Coin Market Cap report a difference in numbers — but either way it’s a massive holding.

Today, things have gotten even more interesting for Shiba Inu.  Even-though the highly important token burn movement is declining, it seems ‘smart money’ is moving in during the uncertainty.

Binance was caught un-staking trillions of tokens this morning, to the tune of 12,661,395,600,288 coins [TD].   Then just over 2 hours later the top crypto-exchange re-staked 4-Trillion [TD].

Both transactions were done via Shiba Swap.

Changpeng Zhao aka CZ, ready to fight FUD

Binance Holds The Most $SHIB Now After Voyager Acquisition

The abrupt move could have a connection to Binance’s plan to buy the FTX-contagion exposed exchange, Voyager.     The BSC blockchain company will spend $1-Billion to acquire the failed trading platform.   However, they must pass the SEC’s objection to the deal before completing the transfer of ownership.

If the acquisition of the exchange is successful, Binance will absorb another US$81.7-million dollars worth of Shiba Inu cryptocurrency.   That’s the latest updated sum of what Voyager wallets hold of the DogeCoin killer.  That total  increased by nearly $6-million since the first reports of the exchange buyout on December 20th.

The un-staking of SHIB suddenly could also be something much simpler. With the Shiba Inu price recently increasing by over 10% of value, perhaps Binance’s market analysts simply view it is a good time to rake profits and prepare for the long haul of 2023.

Either way, the re-staking of 4-Trillion reconfirms the future of the Shiba Inu token.  Binance holds the most $SHIB tokens while comes in second. The two exchanges account for trillions in holdings of the meme-coin which may soon have utility.    Shibarium layer-2 could rival, if not blow past, XRP & XLM as the best solution for global money transfer by banking and p2p.

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