Binance Reaches New Twitter Milestone — Celebrate With A Giveaway

CZ holding a Bitcoin
CZ holding a Bitcoin
CZ holding a Bitcoin

The competition to be the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange (CeX) is high.   A lot of money and power is at stake. And if social media following are an indicator of who’s winning the race, a recent milestone may cement the future alpha.  Binance crypto-exchange topped 10-million followers on twitter today and celebrating the milestone with a Satoshi giveaway.

No competitor of the parent company to BNB blockchain has reached into the double-digit millions of followers, yet.  Their closest rival is Coinbase but the numbers aren’t even close.    

No Competition

The second place exchange has only 5.5-Million twitter followers.  And growth trends indicate that the US-based company will have less than half of Binance, before the end of 2nd quarter 2022.

The importance of the number of twitter followers a brand has is extremely important. After all, companies like Tesla have been made without spending major marketing dollars.  But instead, they rely on outperforming competitors on social media.

Binance’s CEO, Changpeng Zhao, seems to realize this.   Nicknamed “CZ,” he has been extremely active on twitter, reaping the benefits of texting.   

The BNB boss keeps the brand atop Google News via tweeting ‘spicy’ statements and emotional rants which cryptocurrency blogs are using to draw readers.   

And it seems to work. Today Binance has over 120-Million users worldwide.

Satoshi Giveaway

The new milestone of 10M twitter followers is being celebrated by Binance with a new contest.   The apex crypto-exchange launched a Satoshi giveaway to followers that complete their “Twitter 10M pop quiz” and repost the original tweet

There will be 1 Satoshi given away for every follower they have — that’s 10M Satoshis (0.10 BTC) total.

Of course those wishing to win must be a @Binance twitter follower as well.

It does not say when the contest ends officially on twitter nor the quiz page.. 

The “Satoshi” aka $SATS is the smallest unit of Bitcoin.  The ‘piece of a BTC’ is expected to be the way global societies use Bitcoin for transactions as 1 entire Bitcoin is much more valuable than most commercial goods.

There are 100-million Satoshis in one Bitcoin.  

With Binance US’ recent removal of fees for trading ETH, it’s a bit of  a surprise Ethereum wasn’t the chosen coin.  But still, free crypto-money is free crypto-money.   No arguments can be had.

The winners of the ‘Twitter 10M Pop Quiz” are expected to be shared on the official BInance twitter (@Binance).

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