Bitboy Wants Justice Now, Visits Bahamas To Find Sam Bankman-Fried

Bitboy in FTX Bankruptcy Shirt
Bitboy in FTX Bankruptcy Shirt
Bitboy in FTX Bankruptcy Shirt

While authorities are still investigating the FTX collapse, the cryptocurrency YouTuber known as Ben “Bitboy” Armstrong decided to take matters into his own hands and went all the way to the Bahamas to look for the failed CEO Sam Bankman-Fried.

According to reports, the YouTuber camped outside of Bankman-Fried’s apartment complex, hoping to get a word with the former FTX CEO.

Obviously, the plan did not work out, and the YouTuber wasn’t even able to confirm if SBF was in the country or not.

However, “Bitboy” claims that he received a message from SBF, following his restless pursuit of the former FTX head.

The YouTuber with over one million followers claimed in a video that SBF texted him on November 27th, and scheduled an exclusive interview with him.

“Sam Bankman-Fried has agreed to do a Twitter Spaces with me sometime in the next two weeks,” Armstrong claimed.

Despite the YouTuber’s optimism about scheduling the interview, the chances of it happening are slim. SBF is in the cross-hair of two International investigations that could potentially lead to a lengthy jail time for fraud. This means that speaking publicly would not be in his best interest, legal-wise.

Community Claims BitBoy Is Not Taking The Case Seriously

However, a good tart of the cryptocurrency community is not impressed by the YouTuber’s most recent manhunt. In fact, a lot of fans on Twitter and Reddit are claiming that Ben Armstrong is doing it “just for clout”.

“This behavior of Bitboy is probably already negatively impacting the true investigation of this case,” One fan claimed on Twitter.

“The man is violating the way of life in a foreign country that doesn’t tolerate such poor taste and behavior.” Someone else said.

Controversy and criticism are not something unheard of when it comes to BitBoy. In August, Armstrong was accused by a fellow YouTuber of promoting a “pump and dump” scheme for the altcoin Pamp Network.

Since the accusations, Pamp Network lost nearly all its remaining value, today trading at merely $0.00009735, according to CoinGecko.

The accusations ultimately resulted in a civil lawsuit. But shortly after, Armstrong chose to withdraw from the lawsuit.

“So we are gonna drop the lawsuit, 100% and I’m sorry this became public,” said Ben Armstrong.

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