Brave Buys 1M $BAT Tokens —  To Giveaway Free To Browser Users

Brave Browser & Basic Attention ($BAT) logos
Brave Browser & Basic Attention ($BAT) logos
Brave Browser & Basic Attention ($BAT) logos

Some may still be unaware of the ‘crypto rewards browser,’ Brave.    It’s an internet navigator that allows people to earn cryptocurrency for doing what they do everyday, browsing the web.   Many thought the company’s leap into cryptos would not last but it has proven to sustain it’s goal of rewarding users with ‘digital cash’ and today, made another re-up on 1-million $BAT tokens to give away to users — completely free.

“Brave purchased 1.018 million Basic Attention Tokens this week!” tweeted Attention Token today, confirming the transaction.

Attention Token’s crypto symbol is $BAT.  Perhaps they should sponsor a Batman film in the future. For now however, the crypto token is most known for its association to the internet navigator Brave.

Is this Brave $BAT Rewards program a scam ? scandal?

Brave has been called out before by Cryptocurrency users for selling users information, but in reality most of these claims were false.    The browser does engage in commercial use but it is working to be a viable commercial solution for the decentralized world, that limits the  exploitation of user information in comparison to rival browsers.

And while the company may ‘profit’ from user information or data in ways that are ‘lesser than rival evils,” it’s unfair for users to think the company cannot profit itself.    After all, how else will you get some of your money back ?  Other companies simply sell user data and keep it all for themself.   

The simple fact to stick with — No other major web browser is giving users free cryptocurrency aka digital money.

How to get free $BAT Tokens?

In total, Brave browser just purchased 1.018 million Basic Attention ($BAT) tokens to giveaway to users.  The company is publishing the amount of cryptos they acquire to give to users, so the process is transparent.  

To take part in the ‘free crypto rewards,’  there’s 3 steps:

  1. Download the BRAVE browser
  2. Open the Brave Browser
  3. Click the $BAT Token icon next to the URL address bar
  4. Connect your wallet
  5. AFter connected, you will be able to view your growing rewards

There’s rumors that Brave browser inserts their own referral links at times but again — these links are on all websites across the web.   It’s more intelligent to take advantage of people giving you a portion of those commission links, than to browse and click links where you get nothing at all in return.  

After posting the news of buying the 1-Million+ tokens, Basic Attention also tweeted they are launching a blockchain-based digital advertising platform. More information on this will be shared on Crypto Coin Opps, later today.

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