Cheat Sheet To The Binance “10M Pop Quiz” — Answers Here

Binance (BNC) Token with Bitcoin (BTC)
Binance (BNC) Token with Bitcoin (BTC)
Binance (BNC) Token with Bitcoin (BTC)

It looks like fans of Binance that want to enter the 10M Pop Quiz” for their new Satoshi Giveaway, won’t have to work so hard to pass now.      Crypto Coin Opps has reviewed the questions and researched answers. Either way, one must read and learn to win. Here is a cheat sheet to the latest version of the test.

10M Pop Quiz Answers


Which month and year did we create our Twitter account?

Answer #01: June 2017  (as  it reads on twitter).


What color is the Binance Card?

Answer #02:  Black  ( A simple search on google can provide photos of the card )


Which social media platforms are we on?

Answer #03: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Reddit, Youtube only  ( Binance has a profile on all the major networks ).


What are the official Binance colors?

Answer #04: 

Black & Yellow.  (As seen on their website and social media)


Trues or False. Can you buy Binance merch? 

Answer #05:  yes, you can ( Though it appears ‘no’ if you glance the binance site,  you can’t answer #6 without answering this yes.  Users may want to research this and #06 on their own ).


Which of the following are merch items we have? Select all that apply.

Answer #06: Hoodie ( a bit of a trick question as its hard to locate any of their merchandise ).

Q7: How old is Binance?

Answer #07:  5 years old  ( The crypto-exchange company was founded in July of 2017)

Q8: What do we call our Binance community?

Answer #08:  Binancians (A strange name, there are groups and social media profiles dedicated to this nickname)

Q9: Which building did we recently light up?

Answer #09: Burj Khalifa ( see video of the event: here)

Q10: How many registered users do we have?

Answer #10: 120-million ( there is actually more than this according to the latest reported count of global users.   However, it’s the closest to the actual number, when rounded perhaps).

Extra Research

These answers were all researched and hopefully helpful to Binance 10M Pop Quick entrants.  Questions 5 and 6 may need additional research but the others are certain.

Enjoy the cheat sheet CCO readers. Read the terms and the conditions of the contest (here) when entering. Contest ends December 26th, 2022 at 11:59PM (UTC). Satoshis will be rewarded in the form of a BTC voucher based on the price of Bitcoin at the time winners are picked.

Winners will be picked by ‘judges.’

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