DavinciJ15 Of Prophetic Bitcoin Video From 2013 — Now Is A Time to DCA

Many people have run away from the crypto market. The FTX crash has shaken even some of the sturdiest Bitcoin Maximalists.  There’s one BTC millionaire willing to bet it all again however.  DavinciJ15, who made a prophetic Bitcoin video in 2013 for YouTube, did a recent interview with ‘Stock Up! With Larry Jones.’ And the crypto whale says 2023 is not the time to lose faith, as the calamities of today are part of a crypto purge.

What is a Crypto Purge?

The purge is simply the exposing of high level scams and schemes of cryptocurrency.

According to Davinci15, real name Leonardo Davicini Steven Jeremie, the current collapsed state of the cryptocurrency market is exactly this.

Other think, the current events may be partially planned and the ‘purge’ could be different. It could be the eradication of small investors to put a cap on these recent explosion of crypto-millionaires. 

But why?

In layman’s terms, all of the politicians aligned with Sam Bankman-Fried and FTX, who spawned the collapse, easily have ties to major Financial institutions and governments.  These groups can benefit from lower prices of cryptocurrencies.   Also from the FOMO caused by FTX.

Many have speculated, there would be one big fall of cryptocurrencies’ values before these groups could swoop in and buy trillions in tokens.  And this would be done to ensure the wealthiest people maintain their wealth; Before digital currencies are regulated and normalized throughout society.

From the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates the YouTube prophet spoke on this crypto purge with confidence.  

Feds & Banks Not Good

“Right now prices are managed by the Federal Reserve and — with the banking system,” he says on who’s controlling cryptos now .

DavinciJ15 continues ,”Some of the things they put into place to help [this] automatic price manipulation is the future’s exchange; commodity exchange.”

“Bitcoin is the only commodity that there is no delivery.”

If not familiar, commodities are physical products in high demand that people buy via commodity exchanges (abbreviation: CME).  The money invested is literally backed by the commodity, giving the investor ownership. If something goes wrong with the money, the commodity is delivered to the home of the investor in physical form.

Governments have begun Futures and Commodity trading with crypto, but you cannot deliver a digital currency to an investor. Therefore, the setup is directly a farce.   Whenever one buys a Bitcoin commodity, they are literally buying nothing. 

And the Bitcoin commodity trade is not the only farce but also the ETF, according to Jeremie.   An Electronic Transfer Fund, simply turns the false commodity of Bitcoin into a stock for retirement portfolios and other options.  And in the end, those buying BTC as an ETF or commodity are literally buying nothing. 

These moves will help financial institutions control the wealth of the masses.  It keeps investors money invested in a dollar price and the institution, not an actual Bitcoin. This helps suppress BTC’s value.  People will not be able to influence the crypto markets like this, the banking institutions will.  As long as they can scare people into their commodity and ETF options, they will keep the value looped into the dollar.

An actual Bitcoin is to be used to ‘pull profits’ and keep gains in the hands of the people, not the banks.

Watch the video at 9:00 mark to hear his analysis of Bitcoin commodities ETFs, and the purge.

Best Places To Store Cryptos 

Davinci Jeremie has a software developer background.  That’s why he got into Bitcoin and comprehended its white papers with ease, early on.   With the recent issues of FTX, he elaborated on where people can safely secure crypto tokens with little to no security risk.

He recommended novice crypto investors use downloadable apps with personal wallets, for  iPhones or the latest from Samsung.  

Experienced investors or those wanting the most secure method, should use cold wallets.  Though DavinciJ15 calls them more complicated, device’s like the Ledger Nano which even the rapper Drake flaunted recently, are pretty simple.

“You should take your crypto off of exchanges” is the bottom line however, according to the viral Bitcoin Maximalist.

Accepting Advice of Davinci Jeremie

Such advice should be taken seriously. After all, this is the same investor who told people in 2011 to invest at least $1 in bitcoin.     Had they done this at that time, that $1 would be worth approximately $16,000 today.   At the all-time high (ATH) of Bitcoin, $1 would have been worth over $67,000.

Jeremie spoke with Stock Up host Larry Jones on prices he purchased Bitcoin and the numbers are astounding.

“The Lowest Price I paid for Bitcoin was $0.67 cents” says Davinci on prices he paid for BTC back in 2011.

However, he also said “I mined most of myBitcoin,” alluding to how he’s made further millions from cryptocurrency.

Now using these funds to live in Dubai, the viral cryptocurrency video DavinciJ15 released in 2011 was an attempt to help others find financial freedom as well.   The popular investor was trying to motivate common viewers to invest in Bitcoin.  And this of course was after the Black Canadian had studied the token’s white papers thoroughly. 

He too doubted the idea at first, as most would have at the time.  Before reading the white papers, the idea sounded outlandish. A digital currency that no government could control but somehow use government’s currency.  After studying Satoshi’s white paper plans however, Jeremie knew Bitcoin would be big.

DavinciJ15 Telling Others Buy Bitcoin in 2011

People refused to take him seriously however.

“I did several videos of Bitcoin in 2011 and all were hated,” says DavinciJ15 on feedback he got from the masses after trying to pitch the idea of investing into BTC.

After all videos failed, Stevens even tried to give people a guarantee on their money.  Insurance if they would simply learn to buy and trade bitcoin.  Already well off financially due to gold and silver investments, Davicini was so sure he put his money where his mouth was.

“I will guarantee up to $1000, if (Bitcoin) it goes to $0 I will give it back,” he says of that insurance he offered to viewers at the time.

Over 700 people disliked that video or left a negative comment.    No one accepted the offer.

A giant mistake by all those who saw that video. Had they put in $1000 at the time in 2011, today their investment would be worth at least $16-Million-dollars.  At Bitcoin’s ATH, $67-Million.

Next Opportunity

Regardless of where those people are today in life, the bottom line today is clear. Bitcoin will never be at those prices again.

The next grand opportunity however may be the ‘Bull Run’ to come after the crypto winter.  This storm is being viewed as a ‘purge’ and dollar cost averaging into Bitcoin today, can be a key to creating future wealth for those that missed the first ship.  Also for those who are new to the DavinciJ15 story and younger generations.

Watch the full video above.

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