Drake A Crypto Whale? Flaunts New Diamond Cold Wallet ~$60K

Drake holding a Diamond Encrusted Nano Ledger Cold Wallet
Drake holding a Diamond Encrusted Nano Ledger Cold Wallet
Drake with his new Nano Ledger

Canadian-born, Black and Jewish rap superstar, Drake is shocking the cryptocurrency community this week.  And maybe the move was a bit to influence his followers to choose wisely with crypto investments.    Though most can’t afford what he flaunted, there’s similar options.  On Instagram, the Hip-hop legend posted a photo of his new, diamond-covered Ledger Nano cold wallet.

Flaunting on the Crypto World

Even the Ledger company saw the Toronto icons post, giving it a nod of approval in a short message.

We went on Instagram this morning and saw @Drake flexing his iced out Ledger Nano, so that’s pretty cool,” wrote the crypto accessory brand on twitter.

The new diamond slathered tech accessory has over 250 of the precious stones on its slide down cover, on the side showing.  10 diamonds are inset horizontally and at least 45 vertically.  If there’s more on the adjacent side, this means the rapper’s Ledger Nano has over 500 diamonds in total.

The value of the 1-of-a-kind Nano cold wallet is estimated to be around $60,000. This estimate according to an exclusive CryptoCoinOpps.com affiliate and jewelry designer.    

$60K Ledger Nano Cold Wallet

That judgment was based on the device having 500+ round diamonds, half body or full diamonds. The stones appear to be less than 1/10th or 1/20th a carat each.  The quality of each stone cannot be judged so easily — but it’s Drake.  So, a high quality stone is expected.

Such precious stones can be found in mediocre quality for around $70 to $100 each.   Diamonds of higher quality, but not perfect, may reach prices up to $250 each.

The crypto-bling’s high quality craftsmanship with such evenly placed stones and bordering bezel speaks loudly of its designer and cost.

The diamonds are likely set in white gold or platinum.  Due to the softness of white gold, platinum would be more expected.

With the estimate for the blinged out device being $60,000,  one has to arrive at an important question —

What Crypto coins Does Drake Have?

There’s no definite answer on this yet but it’s believed that Drake is a crypto whale.

As reported earlier, Drake has a deal with Stake, a cryptocurrency casino.  In 2022 alone he gained over $35-Million-dollars gambling.  His total wins were $62.4 million at the time of the report and losses only $26.8-million.

The 6-God who’s now got a ledger nano worth $10,000, six times over, is the official ambassador of the Stake brand.

And  in April, Afrotech reported Champagne Papi invested in crypto firm MoonPay’s $87-million dollar round, alongside Snoop Dogg.

With such business moves being made and rappers today, taking payments in Bitcoin and Stablecoin it’s sure Drizzy is indeed a crypto whale. Part of God’s plan perhaps.

For good measure, there will be ‘Drake Crypto Wallet Tracker’ twitter coming soon, if lucky.  But for now,  just know that the rap star’s New Nano Ledger covered in diamonds is worth $60,000 by itself.    There’s definitely  millions in cryptocurrency on his cold wallet.

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