Dogecoin Co-Creator Says He Was “Annoyed” by Elon Musk’s Dogecoin Promotions

Jackson Palmer is at it again. The Dogecoin co-creator who initially was one of the two men behind the first meme-coin became one of the biggest cryptocurrency critics over the past years.

In an interview with Insider, Palmer shared his discontent when he saw Elon Musk promoting the cryptocurrency he created on Twitter.

Palmer claimed that he has gotten tired of always being “dragged” into discussions about the currency that he helped develop more than eight years ago.

He said that initially Dogecoin was supposed to be “just a hobby”, since it became one of the most famous cryptocurrencies in the world, Palmer apparently regrets his involvement with the creation of Dogecoin.

Palmer, who has had a long history of public disagreements with Elon Musk, also confessed to being frustrated when Elon Musk publicly promoted Dogecoin in December of 2020.

At the time, Musk posted on Twitter several Tweets about Dogecoin. Given the billionaire’s massive influence of over 100 million followers on the platform, Musk’s Tweets alone were enough to make the cryptocurrency skyrocket in appreciation.

Musk’s engagement grew so much that the billionaire even announced intentions to send “Doge-1,” a crypto-themed spacecraft, to the moon in the near future.

Since then, the Tesla CEO tweeted about the cryptocurrency several times. And the promotion of Jackson Palmer’s creation did not sit well with him.

“It all kind of annoyed me”, Palmer told Business Insider. “because it was this thing that had my name tied to it. “

“I don’t think people realize it, but I wish that when something happened with Dogecoin, and Elon Musk and my Dogecoin co-founder Billy that I didn’t get dragged back into it.”

Palmer shared that even after he got off of social media, the promotion of Dogecoin by one of the world’s richest people continued to affect him.

Palmer is Weary of Musk’s Intent With Dogecoin

The Dogecoin co-creator believes that Musk has “second intentions”, regarding the Billionaire’s constant promotions of the cryptocurrency.

Palmer believes that Musk interferes with Dogecoin as a tactic to “latch onto communities”, in order to absorb them into what he describes as Musk’s “cult of personality.”

But, Palmer said he sees Musk’s interest in Dogecoin as a tactic, a means to “latch onto communities” in an effort to “absorb them into his cult of personality.” 

“He does this on several topics. Look at how a lot of the free speech, right-wingers have all kind of become big Elon Musk supporters,” Palmer said in the Insider interview. “That’s beneficial to him because he’s kind of building his army, taking in the tribes of all these different kinds of misfit communities that are extremely dedicated and extremely passionate.”

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