Flipkart and eDAO Join Forces For The Creation of “Flipverse” on Polygon

Flipkart, India’s e-commerce behemoth, is foraying into Web3 with a daring experiment in the future of buying on Polygon.

The “Flipverse” is a project that aims to provide individuals with the opportunity to immerse themselves in a AAA game-like high-fidelity metaverse in which their digital avatars may embark on missions to unlock new e-commerce experiences.

The objective is to enable new use cases that foster a highly engaged, two-way interaction between customers and their favorite brands.

E-commerce has gone a long way in the last decade, making purchasing and selling things online straightforward and accessible, though a bit dull. Web3 is generating a new wave of technological innovation that promises to expand on previous achievements while also reintroducing some of the excitement and joy.

The Flipverse is the first step toward e-commerce 2.0. Its deeper experiences will open up new channels for Flipkart to enable customer engagement and retention, as well as allow brands and e-commerce platforms to convert buyers to consumers and consumers to fans.

It will have over 100 items, discounts, and prizes on display from 13 businesses from a variety of sectors. Users will be able to create lifelike digital avatars from selfies in three simple steps.

The Flipverse is created by eDAO, a Polygon-incubated company, in partnership with 23 teams from technology, design, Web3, IP, and branding.

The team behind the lifelike visual environment is SURREAL Events. Polygon’s Cope Firm, a venture studio that combines design, NFTs, DAOs, and VR/AR with an emphasis on Metaverse, created the technology that connects all of the parts.

The Strand, a free collection that grants access to IPs, companies, and culture, is the crown gem of the Flipverse. The Strand provides people with a physical link to their favorite icons, artists, and companies. It guarantees that you will always be a member of the culture multiverse. So far, over 75,000 have been activated.

FireDrops, an easy-to-use NFT platform for consumers, companies, and artists wanting to explore new horizons of community development and experience the benefits of NFT and NFT utilities, is another of Flipkart’s Web3 products.

Flipkart joins a thriving ecosystem of projects built on Polygon in this collab. Polygon was chosen by some of the most important Web3 initiatives, including OpenSea and Aave, as well as corporations such as Starbucks, Stripe, and Meta, because of its low network fees, rapid transaction rates, and carbon neutrality.

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