Golden Inu Token Up Nearly 8% In A Week

Golden Inu Token's GameFi Mascot
Golden Inu Token's GameFi Mascot
Golden Inu Token’s GameFi Mascot

In the highly volatile world of cryptocurrencies, it’s not uncommon to see rapid fluctuations in the value of digital assets.

However, amidst this unpredictable landscape, one particular cryptocurrency has caught the attention of investors and analysts alike with its impressive growth of nearly 8% in just the past week.

$GOLDEN, the native token of the up-and-coming cryptocurrency project Golden Inu, continues to impress in its performance since its debut.

Over that period, the asset grew from $0.000000000002090 to $0.000000000002247, boasting a 7% increase in that timeframe.

The asset launched its ICO around the end of February, and since then celebrated the addition of $GOLDEN to PancakeSwap’s platform.

Golden Inu Outperforming Other Meme Coins

If Golden Inu continues on its current trajectory, $GOLDEN could very well be one of 2023’s moon cryptos.

With its impressive growth in the past week, the asset has already demonstrated its potential for substantial gains.

To put it in comparison, $GOLDEN is currently outperforming all the major meme coins on the weekly chart, by a long shot. Dogecoin and Shiba Inu are both going through a nearly 10% decrease in the past 24 hours.

Additionally, Golden Inu’s unique project vision and innovative approach to decentralized finance could make it an attractive option for investors looking for something different in the crypto market.

Despite its youth, many in the crypto space are already calling it “Shina Inu Killer”, while at the same time drawing comparisons with the meme coin.

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