Jews Vs Ye — Now Kanye Can Go To Cryptos

Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, is in all of the headlines today. His comments towards an alleged ‘Jewish Mafia‘ abusing Black artists and promoting death within melanated cultures, has created a wave of backlash. In fact, it’s not just back-lash, but it’s clear there are certain Jewish people who want to end Ye all together. However, the World’s Richest Black Man as stated by the rapper himself, may spark a shift of Billions-of-dollars to new crypto-coins, particularly Bitcon & DOGE.

“Yeezy” to many, is a Hip-Hop icon who has billions of dollars. However wealthy, it didn’t stop JP Morgan from randomly closing his bank account earlier this month. Why exactly? It’s not been made clear, but it’s obviously related to the controversial Billionaire’s comments towards Jewish people.

JP Morgan Ban Pushing Ye to Cryptos

After the closing of his JP Morgan bank account, Kanye was spotted wearing a “Satoshi Nakamoto” hat in public. The black dad cap is leading many to believe Ye’s worry free of banks because he’s already pushed much of his wealth into Bitcoin. 

Ye would have bought BTC because it’s not a source of centralized wealth, a true chess move. Jewish entities can target people linked to where the money moves, but not really stop it.  In traditional banking though, by banning Ye’s banking account, it’s clear Jewish can control anyone’s money. 

If the BTC theory is true — his move of anticipation for the back-lash, puts him closer to ‘checking’ his competition.

And Ye’s not all cryptocurrency by any means.  He’s got investments and connections across the world.    Here are two of the most shocking theories about where Ye’s possibly going to push his Billions-of-dollars.

Ye Joining Elon In DOGE Push If ‘Not A F–king Retard’

Ye is a huge supporter of Elon Musk.  He’s even recently called Joe Bden a ‘f–king retard for not having meetings wth the Tesla owner.

Musk’s support has been for two cryptocurrencies.  Bitcoin is one that’s obvious, as he’s hoarding an unknown amount of tokens under Tesla. 

The other is DogeCoin, the uber famous meme token.

Aside from the original crypto, Musk’s also been very vocal in support of DogeCon (DOGE).  Ye’s yet to make any claims to the token. However, if he’s ‘not a f–king retard,’ as he called Biden, he must be indulging in ideas of Musk.

Elon’s built a product to promote DOGE coin but does not have the cultural influence as the rapper formerly known as Kanye West.   

Yeezy x DOGE

If the Ye and the Yeezy brands were to re-launch independently and only be sold to DOGECoin token holders, millions of people from across the world will suddenly join the cryptocurrency market just to buy DOGE tokens.  

The sudden explosion of the use of DOGE tokens by such a heavily influential figure, could completely change the value of a token by leaps and bounds.

The popular meme token has already been one of the most stable in the past month, but lost over half its value since the beginning of this year. However, it’s still held more value than competitors tokens like Bitcoin, who are down to 20% of it’s early 2022 value.  DOGE has been holding close to 50% of its value since April.

While this is all theoretical and speculation at this point, everyone in the crypto-space is watching for Ye’s next move.     What some deem as volatile behavior, others believe  he’s exposing the true manipulation behind banking and centralized finance.

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