New DSC Token Promises To Revolutionize Dropshipping Businesses

Drop Shipping Chain (DSC) Token
Drop Shipping Chain (DSC) Token
Drop Shipping Chain (DSC) Token

Recently, a new cryptocurrency listing is making itself known in the cryptocurrency space.

Drop Shipping Chain token (DSC) aims to implement blockchain technology in the e-commerce world. With it, the cryptocurrency start-up will look to help sellers manage their finances through an exclusive DSC wallet.

On top of that, the company will also help businesses receive their income in DSC. The token also offers a “staking” reward for owners who chose to hold the asset.

The upcoming utility token will be part of a platform that will allow its users to easily manage their assets, and products through Crypto. In the future, sellers will be able to automate their business with DSC, integrate with several selling platforms, monitor price and stock, and automate orders.

Their website claims that industry-leading companies like AliExpress, Alibaba, Amazon, Shein, and Wish.

The negative aspect of the project is that both their KYC (know your customer) and audit information are still unavailable. Plus, the developer’s identities are not found on their website.

At the moment, Drop Shipping Chain is working on developing an exclusive smartphone app where users can easily access the startup’s platform.

The project plans on going public and starting presale in December. In 2023’s first quarter, the company will start mass-marketing its innovative platform.

Dropshipping In Numbers

If successful, the Dropshipping Chain Token will have the opportunity to tackle one of the fastest-growing businesses in recent years.

For instance, Dropshipping, which are commerce businesses that outsource stock and shipping services for another party, is currently a $200 billion market.

According to a recent research from Oberlo, the dropshipping market grows about 27% per year and is expected to reach a whopping market value of $476 billion by 2026.

Finally, Taking those numbers into account – is easy to see why DSC has the potential of becoming one of the best crypto prospects for 2023.

DSC Token Tokenomics

One of the most exciting parts of this up-and-coming project is the low fees for its transactions.

While token traders will pay 4% for transactions, eCommerce partners will pay only 2%. Part of the fees collected will go to the developers (1% for traders and 0.5% for partners), while the rest will be used to fund the project’s marketing campaigns and the token’s staking mechanism.

The token’s supply is 1 billion DSC, and the token will be a part of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Its liquidity lock is 10 years.

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