Polygon Now Available in The Graph’s Decentralized Network

Polygon (MATIC) crypto token melting
Polygon (MATIC) crypto token melting
Polygon (MATIC) crypto token melting

In December first, Polygon announced a new partnership with “The Graph”: a decentralized protocol for indexing Web3 data.

The goal of this partnership is to allow Polygon’s user base to access The Graph’s APIs, powering the platform’s dApps.

Polygon stated that the company has already been using The Graph’s hosted service for several years, and now they want to offer its users the chance to do the same.

What is The Graph

The platform is an indexing and query layering for Web3. Developers can create and publish open APIs known as subgraphs, which apps may query via GraphQL.

The Graph is used by tens of thousands of developers for apps such as Uniswap, Synthetix, Art Blocks, Gnosis, Balancer, ENS, Decentraland, and many more.

Most recently, Sushiswap, ArtBlocks, and Snapshot migrated to the network, and Polygon dApps will follow suit shortly.

The Graph Network has been indexing the Ethereum blockchain for over two years and is now supporting Gnosis Chain.

The most recent partnership marks Polygon as the second-largest blockchain in the platform, only behind Ethereum.

What it Means For Polygon

Joining The Graph Network will help the layer-2 developers to obtain the data they need to increase the performance of their dApps.

The blockchain’s node operators are expected to play a larger role in this partnership. Including becoming “indexers” for Polygon to feed the dApps on the network.

“The Graph Network allows founders and developers to build more decentralized applications, as it decentralizes the open data layer,” said Tegan Kline, founder of the initial team behind the Graph. “With this step, The Graph becomes an even more crucial part of the web3 stack.” 

Despite already being arguably the most efficient blockchain in the market, Polygon continues to improve the functionalities of its platform.

Following the confirmation of Polygon’s partnership with Instagram, the blockchain has all the right tools to shine in the next year.

Phantom Also Recently Announced Polygon Support

The layer-2 blockchain has lately recorded remarkable collaborations. Also recently, Phantom, a noncustodial cryptocurrency wallet, is adding Polygon network functionality to its web, iOS, and Android apps.

Phantom is now available on Polygon and Ethereum, allowing a wide range of Web3 users to connect with NFTs and decentralized apps. The private multi-chain beta will go live in the coming weeks, followed by a public debut.

Phantom, an original Solana product, has grown to become a prominent crypto wallet brand, with over three million active users in just over a year since its introduction.

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