Recent Solana Updates Might Have Solved Solana’s Outage Problem

In the recent past, Solana blockchain had several issues regarding outages in the blockchain.

Today, Solana would have had yet another network outage or congestion problem. However, due to the modifications made by the creators, this did not occur.

In the past, the blockchain suffered from slow-speed systems, and even complete outages when it received a larger number of transaction requests.

In extreme instances, the network might get so crowded that transactions can halt or even stop altogether. Stalls. The validators must then resume it from the preceding block.

Ethereum, in contrast, resolves this problem by increasing the cost of its gas costs. Solana, on the other hand, doesn’t do that. The costs stay the same, and the rise in activity makes the network become clogged.

In some cases, the network becomes so congested, that transactions get completely interrupted or stalled, making the network go offline.

The validators must then resume it from the preceding block.

The Updates that Might Have Saved Solana

Among the many improvements the blockchain made recently, the Google-supported QUIC protocol was likely the most impactful one. The QUIC protocol implementation has been going through stress tests on Solana for a time now.

Validators have also been working hard to upgrade to the latest software to bring them all in line.

Given that there have been previous changes and that there are approximately 2000 validators, this was particularly challenging.

Unsurprisingly, this has resulted in a significantly enhanced Nakamoto Coefficient (the minimum number of compromised nodes required to impact the blockchain) of 32. Higher than the majority of Solana’s rivals.

The network is capable of handling more than 14000 transactions per second, according to recent tests. For comparison, the majority of other significant blockchains handle fewer than 1000 transactions per second.

Solana’s Blockchain Survived a Busy Day

Today saw the debut of the much anticipated Y00ts non-fungible token.

Due to the hype surrounding the token, the blockchain saw a significant increase in users wanting to acquire one of the tokens. This simultaneously attracted a huge flood of speculators and NFT collectors to the Solana chain.

The chain continued to move without stopping, halting, or slowing down at all despite the clear stressors that would certainly have brought Solana issues in the past.

The fact that Solana stood strong on a busy day, is likely proof that the improvements being made by the Solana developers are working.

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