Rumors: Ryoshi Made New Crypto-coin, Dejitaru Tsuka, The TSUKA Token

Rumors are running wild. Just when most thought crypto moon shots were no longer possible, the impossible happened.  The reddit crypto community is abuzz with a fresh rumor and that gossip has fueled a newly created coin’s growth by nearly 300% this week.  

The current hype and rumor of the reddit crypto world is that the Shiba Inu (SHIB) token founder created a new coin.   Maybe Ryoshi is back.

Name & Meaning Of New Crypto-Coin

The name of the SHIB token founder’s new coin is Dejitaru Tsuka.  The coin symbol is “TSUKA.” 

Dejitaru means ‘digital’ in English.   It is pronounced as [  ].   And Japanese characters it’s written as “デジタル.” 

Tsuka has two definitions. It can mean “mound, tumulus”  or “handle, hilt” in English.  And by ‘handle or h The pronunciation of the word is like [tsoo-kah].   In Japanese it’s written as “つか.”

Together, as a brand Dejitaru can mean “Digital Weapon’s Handle” or “Handle of a Digital Weapon.”

These facts are of course being taken from an online Japanese language translation app.  Perhaps the terms could variate slightly.

The name is also given to the dragon, which makes the logo of the crypto-coin.    The mythological figure is going to ‘breathe vast flames of wisdom and prosperity to all who embrace its ferocity and strength.  It’s the harbinger of abundance and wealth.

Nonetheless, Dejitaru Tsuka is believed to be the new cryptocurrency of SHIB founder Ryoshi.  That’s all that matters. The founder of one of today’s Top 10 cryptocurrencies.

Translating Cryptic Messages

Reddit users of the SHIBArmy community think a series of cryptic messages sent through blockchain, hint at the mysterious founder of the new token.   

The language used in TSUKA community ‘s blog post also follows the communication style of Ryoshi.  The writing, though it’ a rough translation of cryptic blockchain messages, seems to be extremely philosophic.

“This is truly our decentralized wonder. You may not know it yet, but our journey is just starting, as the rings of freedom begin to sound,” reads one line that embodies the entire reason for decentralized digital currencies in general.

Price Jump

In the beginning of August 2022 the Dejitaru Tsuka coin had a value of $0.024 according to DailyHodl crypto-blog.  Today it rose to as high as $0.099 before falling down to its current value of $0.08227 ATOW (At Time of Writing).

The price increase was driven by the rumors of Ryoshi.

There is no known utility of the TUKA coin as of now.

The new cryptocurrency is simply said to be a decentralized community that revolves around meditation, research, and reflection.

Is it worth a quick DCA investment or a profit grab?  

As of now, each individual investor has to do their research to make that decision.  However, if Ryoshi is behind the brand, the listed goal of becoming a “$1” coin may actually be possible based on the creator’s track record with Shiba Inu (SHIB) coin..

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