Safe Haven’s SHA Token Crucial For VeChain Users Wanting To Safe Swap With ERC20 & BSC Token Holders

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts know the brand name Safe Haven. They are creators of the SHA token.  However, the crypto-coin has been relatively quiet all of 2022.  A tiny tad of news, no promotion, and no shilling.  Still the token has $2-Million in liquidity though; It’s still one of the most recognizable names in the digital currency era.How is this possible?  Safe Haven’s developing crypto-technology in silence.

New Cross-Chain; Atomic Exchange

Most crypto traders have heard of Decentralized Exchange (DEX).   However, some may not be as versed in “Atomic Exchanges.” 

According to Investopedia, an Atomic Exchange allows the swap of tokens between two blockchains without a middle-man service or bridge.  Intermediaries such as ‘bridge services’ have been the reason hackers stole $1.4-billion in cryptocurrency in 2022 alone. 

Safe Haven’s founders spotted the need for a removal of the centralized exchange between customers, as early as 2019.   After working on a ‘cure’ for the the issue over the last 2 years, the solution was finally released to the public.

Earlier in 2002, Safe Haven released SafeSwap Atomic Exchange or ‘cross-chain exchange.’   The new crypto-technology allows Peer-to-Peer transactions, with no middle man.  There’s no bridge, no exchange, nor other 3rd party that gets in between the transactions of one “SHA” token user’s money going to another. 

Above eliminating the crypto-bridge, the SafeSwap also helps make SHA useful to all cryptocurrency traders.   

The Atomic Exchange allows trading of SHA to other blockchains.  With SafeSwap, VeChain Blockchain users can now effectively swap coins with users that hold tokens from Ethereum’s ERC20 block or Binance Smart Chain.

SafeSwap Increases SHA Token Value

The key to these trades however, is Safe Haven’s SHA token. 

 VeChain users will convert their tokens to SHA to access two new blockchain worlds of potential business.    

In Layman’s terms:  Convert a VeChain token like VET to SHA and then use SafeSwap to send money to someone who’s got an ERC20 or Binance Smart Chain Wallet.

Safe Haven’s SafeSwap is true decentralization that makes the SHA token’s $2-million in liquidity easily understandable.  

VeChain users looking to utilize the new cross-chain exchange can visit  to download the new technology.

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