Safe Haven Shares 2023 Roadmap – New Tech Requires $SHA Coin

Save Haven SafeKey, A New Cold Wallet & Part of the 2023 & Beyond Roadmap
Save Haven SafeKey, A New Cold Wallet & Part of the 2023 & Beyond Roadmap
Save Haven SafeKey, A New Cold Wallet & Part of the 2023 & Beyond Roadmap

Safe Haven [$SHA] cryptocurrency released promising news on the official twitter today.  The ‘2023 and beyond’ roadmap was published.    While it’s liable to create more questions than answers, the short presentation makes clear reference to the digital currency company’s main upcoming targets.  Updates on the Safekey, Comet, and Inheriti were included in the single page document.  And all data points indicate there will be a strong push for creating an ecosystem of various utilities that all rely on Safe Haven’s native token.

Safe Haven’s New Crypto Ecosystem

An ecosystem many are not paying attention to, perhaps metaverse enthusiasts will be surprised by the world of products being developed around $SHA token.  The VeChainThor blockchain based crypto is one of the earlier 2nd generation alt-coins. First launched in 2020, the market capitalization today is just over US$1,500,000.   However, it was once over US$12-Million in the past era of bullish cycles.   Those numbers could return in another crypto market surge.  And with more web3 and metaverse use,  old all-time highs could be topped.

Safe Haven is aware of the need to create utility to increase their native token’s value.   Just as Shiba Inu ($SHIB) and Solana ($SOL), it’s elected to generate unique and useful products for cryptocurrency users that rely on its native token $SHA to operate.

And the tools are not exactly ‘price pumping’ devices but they should increase use, which does increase token value by design.  

Safekey, a cold wallet

The brand’s roadmap starts off with 9 bulleted points about it’s official cold wallet utility, Safekey.    According to the document, the brand’s key-creation device,  is going to undergo a total rebranding.   

A fresh website and e-commerce store will be launched.    These new platforms will be developed to streamline  and simplify the buying process of the cold wallet.  And beyond that,  it appears Safe Haven will be developing 5 different versions of the Safekey device —  One, Pro, Mobile, Bundles, and X models.

Last, something titled a ‘Metaverse protection pack’ will be released, but it’s not clear if this is an insurance for cold wallets or other type of digital world security.

Comet, web3 wallet

For those who want to keep their keys on-line, the $SHA token will soon have its own rival to  ‘Metafox.’   On Safe Haven’s 2023 and beyond roadmap,  the second box of notes mentions “Comet,” the official web3 wallet.     

This on-line wallet will be rebranded and upgraded.  The 2.0 version is to be released upon the launching of its new website.

Comet 2.0 will integrate SafeSwap atomic exchange for multi-chain cryptocurrency swaps.  The feature in layman’s terms simply allows, VeChainThor blockchain users the ability to trade tokens with users on other blockchains — Bitcoin & Ethereum (ERC20) were targets before.   VeT coin holders will have to swap tokens to $SHA in order to use this wallet.

Along with the atomic exchange, the Save Haven SafeNode will also be integrated into the Comet 2.0 wallet upgrade.  And of course, with all of the new technology, a new look to the user interface.

Safehaven ($SHA) '2023 and Beyond' roadmap
Safehaven ($SHA) ‘2023 and Beyond’ roadmap

Crypto Inheritance Solution, Inheriti

The last digital product of utility may be the most important.    The VeT blockchain-based cryptocurrency has long touted its focus on a solution for crypto-inheritances. Save Haven was one of the first crypto brands to see the forthcoming issues behind the death of digital currency holders; A person passes and no one has their keys so the tokens are lost forever. 

Perhaps this is best remembered as ‘the Gerald Cotten problem.’ 

A leading solution to such an issue going forward could be Safe Haven’s Inheriti,’ a crypto-backup that allows token holders to leave information with a person or group that would allow them to unlock a wallet of someone deceased.

All Safe Haven products required

The crypt-inheritance technology will require usage of the trio of the cryptocurrency brand’s products:  storage on the Safekey cold wallet or comet web 3 wallet and access to $SHA tokens.

According to the 2023 roadmap, multiple wallets can be tied to the Inheriti solution in the coming updates.  And those to inherit will be able to swap coins with multi-blockchains through the new user interface, which will also come later this year.

The available products under inheritance solution will expand with the next re-branding and website as well.  Vault V1, Web, Web 3, are the names of new offers to fall under the original release.  

Even fiat payments are mentioned under data points, a way to payout those inheriting cryptos that might not be into cryptos.

Tying Safe Haven Ecosystem Together To Make $SHA subculture

Much detail can be expounded upon on this particular product.  However it is clear, it can be an industry-changing utility that requires all of the others.  In creating such a subculture,  prices of the $SHA token could shoot in an upward trajectory, surpassing past all-time highs.  However, the company’s lack of marketing and ability to generate public interest could see their ideas duplicated or modified and taken by another brand — a Nike Air Jordan shoe with ‘no hype of MJ’ goes into Walmart for a fraction of the price.

Regardless,  it will be an interesting season for the Safe Haven cryptocurrency brand and the $SHA token in 2023.  These ambitious plans have lit the imagination of investors.

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