There Is A Big Gender Gap In The Cryptoverse

Cryptocurrency touts itself as a financial opportunity for everyone. Yet there is an undeniable gender gap in this male-dominated industry. Perhaps this stems from the eras when it was illegal for women to manage their finances without male supervision. These millennia paved the way for men to gain financial literacy, leaving women far behind.

Even today, studies have shown that just 33% of women are confident in their financial decisions.

Women Are a Rarity Among Crypto Users

Though in most nations these days are long since gone, thousands of years of oppression left women behind. Last summer, CNBC released a report on crypto’s gender imbalance. Crypto might be a culture built on financial opportunity, but women play a very small role in this modern industry.

Specifically, only 10% of women have used digital currency, 15% of Bitcoin investors are women, and only 16% of NFT artists are women. The crypto industry has an image of being dominated by male investors that have created a “bro culture.” This leads to a new obstacle to ensure crypto’s success: women’s involvement in the cryptoverse is paramount for its success.

Caution Versus Risk

Crypto is a volatile asset. This nature is the polar opposite of many female investors, who tend to have more conservative financial perspectives. Simply out, they are less likely to make risky investments. This is a complex market that requires considerable understanding and education to achieve success, regardless of race, gender, or nationality.

Female leadership in crypto is even rarer. Industry figures can help change this by creating a welcoming environment for women and giving them platforms and a voice in this modern landscape. Cryptocurrency has also created scores of new jobs. This flawlessly integrates with the global push to involve more girls and women in science, technology, mathematics, and engineering (STEM) careers.

Investing in One’s Self

If a woman desires to invest in crypto, she must invest in herself first. This means devoting time, energy, and effort to learning about a complex industry with a lot of nuances. That time must be transferred from time spent in another area, be it family, friends, other educational endeavors, the home, or any of the numerous responsibilities we navigate every day.

Will this sacrifice be more difficult for some than others-yes. Will some women feel guilty about focusing more on themselves than spouses or children-undoubtedly. The important thing to remember is an investment in oneself can have very high returns. Not just for a single person, but also others in their lives. After all, there is a very big difference in being selfish and selfless.

It’s time to step outside outdated gender roles and societal expectations. Crypto leaders need to practice what the industry preaches: equal financial opportunity. There is no room for sexism or misogyny in this young financial realm that needs women in order to achieve its maximum potential.

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