Unknown Cryptocurrency “Jupiter” Now Up 133% On the Week

Jupiter Token
Jupiter Token
Jupiter Token

Recently, an “out of the radar” cryptocurrency is showcasing outstanding results in the midst of a turbulent week for the crypto space.

The Jupiter Project, an open-source framework powering a “public blockchain”, outperformed all the top 10 cryptocurrencies. At the start of December 14, JUP was worth $0,003 Only a day after, the cryptocurrency surged by 133%, reaching over $0,007 in less than 24 hours.

According to CoinGecko, Jupiter now sits in the 5th place for the biggest winners of the week. The public blockchain is only behind a couple of start-up crypto projects, and the Argentinean Fan Token is currently ranked at second for the week’s biggest winners.

What is Jupiter?

JUP is an Ethereum token for the Jupiter Project, which seeks to make blockchain technology more accessible and secure for everyone.

The Ethereum-based blockchain counts with military-grade encryption that contributes to the privacy and security of user data. This encryption is showcased in some of its dApps, including Metis, a fully encrypted and decentralized group chat application.

The company also invests in the development of “Gravity“, a blockchain-based dApp builder.

On top of that, Jupiter focuses on powering safe dApps on public and private networks because of its advanced encryption features.

Their official website displays a lot of the blockchain’s projects and roadmaps. Also, the website contains all the information about the team behind Jupiter, including pictures, full names, and LinkedIn profiles.

If successful, companies like Jupiter have the potential of being at the forefront of the upcoming Web3 revolution.

As of right now, the crypto company is still very green. Investing in such a new company is still a very risky investment. However, now more than ever the cryptocurrency market is in need of serious and professional companies to take over.

Today, there are over 20 thousand cryptocurrencies. Despite that, it is safe to say that 99.9% of these can be described as s**tcoins.

For this reason, the companies that can provide actual value to Web3 have the highest potential of “making it” in the decentralized world.

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