Ye Wears a Satoshi Nakamoto Hat After Cutting Ties With JP Morgan Chase

Recently, the billionaire superstar “Ye” – formerly known as Kanye West – was seen wearing a”Satoshi Nakamoto” hat in public.

The appearance is likely to be perceived as a jab to JP Morgan Chase. Recently, Mr. West and JP Morgan cut ties after Kanye went on an online rampage, apparently targeting Jewish people.

JP Morgan gave Yeezy LLC and Ye until November 21st, 2022 to move the account’s cash elsewhere after the Hip Hop artist’s formal breakup with the financial institution.

West recently shared his discontent with the financial institute. In an radio show, the rapper did not hold back on his thoughts went talking about the treatment he received from the bank:

“I put $140 million into JP Morgan and they treated me like s**t,” West said in an interview. “So if JP Morgan Chase is treating me like that, how are they treating the rest of y’all?”

The public appearance can be seen as a hint that Ye will look to store his fortune in Bitcoin in the future.

It is estimated that the hip-hop icon holds around $140 million in a JP Morgan account. West is known for being a cryptocurrency enthusiast – which means that the likelihood of him transferring that amount to digital assets is not small.

Recent Controversies Surrounding Kanye West

JP Morgan Chase did not issue formal reasoning for cutting ties with Kanye West. However, the barrage of recent controversies surrounding the rapper is likely to be the cause.

Ye, known for several controversial moments throughout his career, has apparently taken it up a notch over the past weeks.

In an appearance at the Paris Fashion Week on October 3rd, Kanye was seen conservative pundit Candace Owens wearing matching “White Lives Matter” shirts. The questionable action resulted in a variety of reactions from supporters and critics online.

A couple of days later – West posted on Twitter an enigmatic message about going “Death Con 3 on Jewish people.”

The message was received with as much confusion as reprehension for the apparently anti-semitic message. Despite West affirming that he cannot be anti-semitic due to being a black person since according to his reasoning, “black people are also Jewish”.

Conservative network “Fox News” even had to pull parts of an interview before airing. In it, Kanye West talked to Tucker Carlson about conservative viewpoints, including Donald Trump’s 2020 election.

The edited parts of the interview were eventually leaked online. In it West talked more controversial statements regarding Jewish people.

“I prefer my kids knew Hanukkah than Kwanzaa. At least it will come with some financial engineering.” West said in one of the edited parts of the interview.

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