Bitboy Called A Scammer At Event — Now ZachXBT Tweets Resurface

Bitboy Holding a Bitcoin
Bitboy Holding a Bitcoin
Bitboy Holding a Bitcoin

Popular YouTube host and social media entertainer BitBoy is feeling the ‘wrath’ of crypto-enthusiasts mad at the state of digital currencies today. At a recent event, the popular figure got confronted by a woman for his past, dabbling in cryptocurrencies that were rug pulls.  The ‘SBF Hunter’ thought he had an upper hand on the situation,  and requested evidence of his wrong doing.  But when trying to champion the argument on live mics, the woman gave evidence, the ZachXBT threads.

“Let’s hear it, where’s your evidence? Where’s your evidence?” asks Bitboy to the woman.

He seemed irritated by her heckling. 

The woman’s rebuttal appeared to be more than the social media influencer expected. 

Evidence Against Bitboy From ZachXBT

On a live mic, she told the crowd,”More of the evidence, posted by ZachXBT.”

Oddly, Bitboy responded by calling the woman a Child Molestor and Murderer.   Not exactly the best reply to have as a professional. Nor as an intelligent being, worth millions of dollars.

However, the premise of his claim was somewhat correct.  

The woman’s claim also had validity.

The ZachXBT thread is from January 3rd of 2021.  The twitter user contacted Bitboy at the time, questioning him for rates to promote an upcoming cryptocurrency.   The YouTuber replied to ‘Zach’ with a rate card that include the following promotional rates:

  • Dedicated Review – $35,000
  • Livestream Mention – $20,000
  • Youtube Interview – $40,000
  • Telegram AMA in Bitsquad – $10,000
  • Website Article – $2500

Various scam coins would hire Bitcoin and pay these rates, to gain access to his audience.  Users following Bitboy will spend hundreds to thousands of dollars in confidence, because of the co-sign.

Later, many of these coins would do a ‘rug pull.’ All of those who invested would lose their money.

Bitboy had to notice this trend at some point but continued doing business with various coins, without a thorough review.

Some say the YouTuber was essentially pretending to be oblivious to the risk, to earn ‘dirty money’ from crypto scammers and fraudsters. 

Wrong Or Right?

And this is what the woman was alluding to.   

While there is some validity within a part of that claim, the reality is exactly what Bitboy says.  She has no evidence to support the idea that the cryptocurrency vlogger actually knew the coins would do rug pulls, when taking payments.

Perhaps a better analogy Bitboy could have used, would be “Do you smoke or someone you know smoke ma’am? Is the advertiser responsible for your friend smoking?” 

According to, the woman was right about the fidgety movements of the BitSquad host. It  can mean a lie is being told, and the body fidgets from anxiety.  Without full a cilp of the full argument however, it could also mean the Youtuber was just annoyed.

This is a blow to BitBoy nonetheless, as he’s got to explain the video now.    And this is while he’s’ supposed to be in the Bahamas searching for Sam Bankman-Fried.

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