Ethereum Developers Set September 15 for “The Merge” Upgrade

One of the most expected Ethereum milestones has a date set.

The key Ethereum development team on the eagerly anticipated Ethereum blockchain software upgrade has confirmed September 15 as the most likely date for the so-called Merge.

This date is expected to be the final prediction for the upgrade’s timeframe. That upgrade will look to make the Ethereum network more energy-friendly and auto-sufficient.

However, the official date of the Merge is still subject to change. Any large swing in Ethereum prices has an effect on the amount of support Ethereum has to order transactions. Developers can advance the Merge ahead of schedule in an emergency or if support dwindles.

“We got it. Mainnet release — that’s pretty exciting,” said Tim Beiko, Core Ethereum Developers Coordinator during an Ethereum developer’s call. Ethereum Co-founder Vitalik Buterin

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterim also took part in the call. Buterin predicted that the update would probably take place on September 15.

What is the Merge?

According to “The Merge is an upgrade to the Ethereum platform that will merge the Ethereum Mainnet with the Beacon Chain, marking a transition from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake.”

In other words, “The Merge” is an Ethereum upgrade that replaces the traditional mining method where powerful computers solve complicated math puzzles in order to run the network and create new currency.

Instead, The Merge will aim to implement a system where Ethereum owners will be able to stake the coin (proof-of-stake), in order to power the network.

This means that “The Merge” will have drastic effects not only on Ethereum but on the environment as well. The system upgrade will require far less electricity from bulky computers in order to power the Ethereum network.

The impact on Ethereum’s energy use is important. After The Merge, Ethereum will become significantly more environmentally friendly. The Ethereum Foundation claims that after The Merge, Ethereum’s energy use will decrease by 99.95%.

Bitcoin Will Remain as the Only “Non-Green” Major Crypto

Ethereum’s greener upgrade will mean that Bitcoin will be the only significant blockchain that still uses proof-of-work, meaning the only major cryptocurrency still relying on computer mining.

According to estimates, Bitcoin uses 127 terawatt-hours of electricity annually (TWh). The amount used exceeds Norway’s whole yearly electricity consumption. In actuality, Bitcoin needs 707 kWh of electricity every transaction, 11 times more than Ethereum,

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